Law Changes Cause High CBD Oil Demand for Indiana Stores
Indiana businesses selling cannabis-derived CBD oil are seeing a surge in sales after recent law changes declared by Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill. The attorney general did allow for one exception to the announcement, and that is...
Marijuana Legalization Would Force Tough Choice for NJ Towns
For a couple of years, it seemed the legalized marijuana phenomenon was largely confined to the Rocky Mountain States and those further west. However, during the past year laws have gone on the books in Maine, Massachusetts and Washington DC that allow for the legal possession of cannabis as well as its recreational use.
Four-Year-Old Brain Cancer Patient Sees Tumor Shrink – Thanks to Cannabis Oil
Every once in a while a story comes along that's both heartwarming and groundbreaking, and the tale of a young Brit named William Frost is definitely one of those. Four-year-old William was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, underwent surgery and chemotherapy and, to everyone's dismay, showed no signs that he was going to pull through.


Why Do Stoners Love The Kief Catcher When it Comes To Their Grinders?
If you ask any stoner if they prefer having a kief catcher on their grinder the answer is bound to be yes. This article explains the love for a kief catcher and why they are so important to stoners.
Can You Overdose from Marijuana?
Almost everybody thinks they know the answer to this question, but do you really? Can you overdose from marijuana is the age old question and this article seeks the truth, so we can finally put the rumours to rest.
Where are Grinders Heading in the Future?
Are you baked and wondering where the weed grinder industry is heading? In this article we'll go through our predictions of what things may look like in future when it comes to weed grinders.


Chromium Crusher

What are the Best Weed Grinders of 2018? Reviews & Buying Guides

Grinders. Crushers. Shredders. Mulchers. So many names, but ultimately one purpose — to perfectly grind your marijuana for an easier roll and silky-smooth toke. We’ve found the absolute best weed grinders on the market, so check them out here.

Plants and Substance on Spoon

What is CBD Oil?

Since the cat has been let of the bag when it comes to the benefits of medicinal marijuana, more and more people are raving about the healing powers of cannabis and hemp oil. But what is CBD oil exactly? Read this article to find out exactly what it does.


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