Zip Grinders Review
The Ultimate Mega Crusher

zip grinder reviews

Zip Grinders are the ultimate creator of premium, high quality herb and weed grinders and accompanying accessories. The company is constantly creating innovative designs to put on their premium products so you can find one that fits you best.

One of Zip Grinder's most famous product is their metal 4 piece mega crusher which is a grinder that comes complete with a grinding chamber, large clear holding chamber and pollen catching chamber. It's completely different from any of the other top-rated crushers we have reviewed, because it is not made completely from metal. It’s made from premium grade aluminum which gives you a long-lasting and durable product designed to last for a very long time.

Now, let's dive deeper in what makes Zip Ginders so special.

Zip Grinders Best Features 

Mega Crusher Size

Zip Grinder Review

The best part about the Zip Metal Grinder is no doubt its mega size. The crusher itself is 2.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall which is twice the size of any other shredder on the market - it's literally one of the largest herb grinder. It can hold up to 6 heaping tablespoons of herb at one time which no other crusher on the market can do. This mega grinder gives you the opportunity to maximize your efficiency and make the most of your time.

Do you need your Zip grinder to be smaller? Convert it into a pocket crusher by simply leaving off the middle acrylic chamber. Now it’s the size of any other pocket crusher. Easy.


The design of the Zip Grinder is quite unique. The pollen chamber has a 100 micron mesh stainless screen to catch all of the tiny pieces so you can grind your weed or herbs into the consistency you desire. It also comes with a custom pollen scraper so you can remove residue from the screen.

The acrylic window and clear top for transparency are excellent features of this crusher. They allow you to watch the crushing in action and how much herb you have collected without ever having to unscrew any parts.

Zip Grinders are made by solid cnc machining which means each crusher is made accurately and precisely. The individual chambers are held on by ultra-strong neodymium magnets so you don’t need to worry about the parts detaching or losing the parts.


Each Zip grinder is covered with anodized colored coating which increases its durability and makes it scratch resistant so your piece is always looking its best. Here's a little preview of exactly what it can do.

Grind quality

It is designed for maximum efficiency as Zip grinders use 49 diamond sharp teeth strategically placed teeth to give you powerful, smooth crushing with ease. The top is also clear so you can watch the grinding in action. Super useful and different from other grinders.

But best of all, the entire shredder functions flawlessly as a unit because Zip Grinders have already thought of everything that a premium high quality grinder might need. They are seriously cutting the edge of technology when it comes to crushers in the industry, which is why I personally was excited to review this product. 

What We Loved About The Zip Grinder


There are a lot of things to love about the Zip grinder. But here are some of the most notable things:

  • Larger grinder available - Roughly twice the size of other grinders to give you fast results in a larger quantity, but easily converted to pocket-sized. 
  • Clear Top Chamber - Perhaps one of the best parts about this crusher is that you can see everything that's happening in the grinding chamber. If something is lodged, you can see it and are less likely to break any of the teeth that way. 
  • Clear Collecting Chamber - Without unscrewing any of the parts to heck your progress, the acrylic side viewing chamber lets you know how much you've collected at any point in the process. 
  • Easy to Clean - The high-grade durable aluminum can be easily and safely cleaned up with soap and water, alcohol, or any other cleaning agent you choose. 
  • Versatile - It can pulverize anything down including weed, dried herbs, garlic, peppers, pepper cloves, ginger etc. 

What We Didn’t Like

As awesome as the Zip Grinder is, there are a few slight drawbacks, that are worth mentioning in this review. 

The Zip grinder is bigger than anything else on the market, so it does end up taking up more space. Leaving out the middle chamber shrinks it down in height but nothing can make it shrink down in diameter which means you still have a fairly large piece to carry around. Luckily, most other grinders rival it in its pocket-size so it’s not a huge issue.

Robot With Broken Heart

Furthermore, removing the middle chamber also removes the screen so you’re not separating the pollen from the regular pieces anymore when you take it apart. It’s best used as one complete unit but at least you have the option of making it transportable when the time calls for it.

Zip is made from durable aluminum except for the acrylic top and side viewing chamber so it’s necessary to be a little bit more careful with the acrylic parts so they don’t crack. Just don’t slam it around or put it under things that are very heavy. Love your grinder and it will love you back.

Zip Grinder Set Review

Final Verdict: Is The Zip Grinder Worth It?

Overall, the 4-piece Zip Grinder is an excellent choice as a multi-functional crusher for a variety of items including marijuana, dried herbs, garlic, ginger etc.

The Zip grinder is one of the largest grinder on the market which allows you to produce larger quantities than any other shredder. Best of all, the clear side chamber lets you track your progress without screwing or unscrewing any parts, saving you time and energy.

The clear top on top of the Zip grinder lets you see the crushing action as well as track any pieces that might be stuck. It has 49 razor sharp diamond teeth, ultra strong magnets to hold the parts together, multiple chambers, can be converted in size and is made from only the best materials. And, to see more from our best weed grinders review page then feel free to click the link provided. 

The team behind Zip grinder clearly thought of everything.

Zip Grinder Review

The Good

  • Clear Window
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Very Portable 
  • Best Quality Design
  • Pocket Grinder Included
  • Life-time limited warranty

The Bad

  • Much Larger Than Most Other Grinders
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