5 Best Wooden Grinders Review
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wooden grinders for weed

We've seen metal and plastic crushers and now it's time for the wooden grinder to shine. Now that medicinal and recreational marijuana is opening up doors for the pot industry, it's amazing to see just how many new devices and accessories are making the lives of stoners way more efficient. 

Shredders made of wood feel so much more natural in your hand. Some are hand carved, which makes each piece even more special and unique. Wood and herb go together to enhance the holistic view of nature so if keeping things natural is your thing, then wooden grinders are a must have for you.

Love Heart Engraved in Wall

Not to mention they are available with some sweet designs. Choose one to reflect your personality. Your timber crusher and its design should speak as much about you as your clothes and hair and just wait for the comments from people about it's unique factor. 

These small wood grinders are convenient for taking with you wherever you may be. And the strong durable teeth mean you don’t have to give up functionality to make a statement.

It can be tough to choose between all of the incredible options out there, so we’ve put together a quick guide to choosing between the 5 most popular crushers made out of lumber, on the market today. You're welcome.

The 5 Best Wooden Grinders Reviewed

We thought we would give you a little run down on the top 5 best wood grinders in the market, because these special crushers are still kind of new and it's important to know the good brands, from the cheap fake knock offs. So without further ado, here is they are.

1. Pipemagic Classic

If you like to kick it old school, then this is for you. Crush your pot in style with this premium timber grinder which has a classic timber look to it. It comes complete in 2 pieces and contains round shaped metal teeth to suit all of your grinding needs.​

You may be thinking, "can this little 2-piece thing grind my herbs well enough?" Absolutely! However, it does jam up every now and then. This is not designed for a newbie that's starting to dabble in 420. It's suited more for veterans who have had experience with other grinders.​

Wooden Grinder Classic

​One of the best things about this crusher - although some people think it's a negative - is the size of it. It's small - like really small. Due to its size, you will only be able to grind small amounts every time. However, you will be able to carry it easily anywhere you go.

2. Pembroke welsh corgi 2 Piece (Engraved)

This 2-piece wooden grinder made from natural oak features an engraved Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This is perfect for any dog lover, especially corgi lovers. The symbol is laser etched, creating a truly unique and delightful design on its functional product.

Pembroke Corgi Herb Grinder

​Aside from the aesthetics being the highlight of this grinder, the functionality of the shredder is also excellent. The diamond teeth on both pieces are sturdy and durable, guaranteed to crush your pot.

It comes with a fine cloth bag to help you keep all of the pieces conveniently together and is excellent for gifting. Don’t miss the opportunity to add it to your collection today.​

3. Private Island Timber

The Private Island Wooden Grinder is a simple and organic shredder. It comes with two pieces, a top and bottom, that each have nails for teeth inside of them. Since it only has two pieces, there is no compartment for the smaller pieces to fall into so you will dump all the ground up pieces out at one time. But there will be no pieces to your grinder for you to lose.

The built in nails are sturdy and durable which will produce evenly ground pieces for your use. Some of the pieces may become stuck to the nails from the sticky nature of marijuana but it’s nothing that a toothpick or other small pick couldn’t get out.

 There won't be a complete review page about this type of crusher without the Private Island Timber. Check it out for yourself and you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Timber Crafted Crusher

4. carved soapstone rosewood crusher

Indulge in the sensual feel of natural rosewood when grinding your bud with this beautifully carved wooden grinder. The lid features an inlaid carved soapstone Om symbol, with a decorative pattern carved into the wood around the rim and outer edge. This 2-part grinder is equipped with steel pin teeth.

The "Om" symbol is the first, and last sound generally heard during a yoga or meditation session. Some people say it means the sound of the universe.​

Carved Soap Stone

It’s a dreamy and indefinable concept that could mean almost anything, which makes it a unique piece for you to give subjective meaning. The thoughtfulness of the symbols on the piece speak volumes about its owner. This wood grinder can definitely impress your friends, the engraving was definitely a great idea on this one.

​The compartment for crushing is spacious and the teeth are strategically spaced to give you an even and fine grind.

If you’re looking for a wood grinder, that looks and feels natural but also has all the capabilities of other crushers, this is definitely the one for you. Don’t miss out on this shredder, available complete with sharp teeth to give you the even grind you seek.

What's not to like about this product?

5. Rosewood Smooth Crusher

Rosewood Flat Review

Everybody seems to love a simple design, and this product is definitely proof of that. For those earth lovers, that like to keep their belongings natural, and their style classic, this grinder is definitely right for you.

Not only do the top and bottom halves both feature a smooth, flat surface, which reflects the smoothness of it's grind.  And to seal the deal, this 2-part grinder is also equipped with steel pin teeth, so you can get your herb crushed up nice and fine. 

This crusher is pocket-sized for easy transportability and shredding. It's sleek and stylish design is sure to satisfy any nature lover looking for a more earthy feel from their product. If you are looking for a simple wooden crusher that’s not too flashy and still has all the function of a plastic one, look no farther than this grinder.

How to Decide if this Type is For You?

Monkey Thinking

Wood is a very organic material that has always connected man with nature. Nothing feels just like it and nothing smells just like wood. No other material could be found in your own backyard and manipulated like this material. Maybe it’s just an innate call back to nature that attracts someone to wood, but whatever the reason, the calling is there.

Why do people prefer wooden grinders​?

  • Aesthetics - It fits into your idea of what is natural and true. These crushers are not just grinders, but decorative pieces that can be left proudly out for others to admire. Or left out for you to admire because they're just so eye-catching.
  • Craftsmanship​ - If you admire hand-crafted products due to the intense workmanship, then you'll love them. Due to this, they typically have one compartment which means no kief catcher for you!
  • Organic - When you think of this organic material, you think durability. It’s one of those materials used for antiques that just grow finer with age. A lot of meaning can be attached to wood products, unlike plastic or even metal, things that people generally throw away or recycle.

The only downside with these types of grinders are that they're hard to clean and can get scratched easily. ​

So you can see after reading this article, that there are many reasons to choose a wooden crusher, however I don't recommend just relying on this type of crusher as your only source of shredding your bud. We have an awesome page that takes you through all the different types of crushers available, so if you're thinking you could be interested in getting a second or third, then click here for more info on your options. 

Final Thoughts

Tree Hugger

Let’s be honest though, wood is not the very best material to clean. marijuana can get sticky and it’ll build up on the sides, which might require scraping. You might run the risk of warping the shape of your grinder if you’re not careful. And it might not be the most efficient shredder on the face of the earth.

But if you’re the type of person to appreciate the natural feel of a wood grinder, you already understand that nature can be delicate and slightly unpredictable. You’re willing to be careful with your valued piece and you know that sometimes the results will be uniform and sometimes not, because nature isn’t always perfect. In an over-hyped technological age, there’s no school like old school so kick it back with the natural look and feel of a wood bud crusher.

If you're not yet convinced what type of grinder you want, check out our reviews on the best products in the market, so you can make a good decision. ​

PipeMagic Classic

Our #1 Wooden Weed Grinder

  • Classic timber look
  • Small compact size
  • Portable and light-weight

Crush your pot in style with this premium timber grinder.


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