SLX Grinder Review
Is It Non-Stick as Advertised?

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The SLX Grinder has more teeth than just about any other product on the market. But it's not the number of teeth that matters in this case; it's the way they're put to work producing some of the finest finished product you'll get anywhere. This is no glorified grinder card.

The SLX Grinder is a product that has been thoughtfully engineered and just as thoughtfully built. It’s available in 2” and 2. 4” models that are essentially the same and has something no other commercial grade grinder can boast: non-stick surfaces throughout. Unlike other products, the SLX also features a lift out - not screw out - collection tray which simplifies operation without sacrificing functionality.

SLX Grinder Design

Both the 2" and 2.4" SLX grinders are fashioned from 7075 T6 aluminum and as such are designed to last a lifetime. They're tough as nails, so there's no fear you're going to ruin your grinder if you accidentally drop it.

The magnetic lid holds firm during the grind, while the 55 teeth slice through the toughest buds and transform your raw herb into a delightfully useful material that will roll with ease and vape with the best of them. The no-stick surface minimizes waste and means clean-up is virtually a thing of the past.

Gold and black color of the SLX 2.0 grinder


As we mentioned, SLX Grinders are made from durable 7075 T6 aluminum that ensures a long life. The non-stick surface we referred to above is no cheap Teflon coating either. It's actually a ceramic material that won't peel off or otherwise wind up in your grind.

It's a material that is 100% FDA approved and won't present any form of health hazard. The slick surface makes for effortless grinding and the stainless steel, removable screen won't corrode over time and spoil your herb.

Grind Quality

With other products, you'll have to engage in regular cleaning or the grind chamber will get sticky in fairly short order and begin to muck things up. No such problems with the SLX herb grinder, however.

Even after multiple uses, you'll find the quality of your grind to be consistently fluffy and agreeable and the product itself free of most resin buildup. You'll also notice that the lack of sticky residue in the grind chamber leads to a cleaner, more accurate flavor and scent from your herb.

Special Features

The SLX Grinder 2.0 has a number of attractive features that separate it from other run-of-the-mill shredders. Of course, the ceramic, non-stick surface is one, but there are others as well. Including the outstanding job, the 55 teeth do produce an effortless grinding experience as well as the easily removable grind catcher.

For other shredders with unique special features, make sure to check out this page.

Is The SLX Grinder Worth The Price?

The SLX 2.0 Grinder is available through a bevy of online retailers at a very reasonable price. Considering this shredder, regardless of which size you get, is going to last you years it’s an investment that won’t produce any regrets.

What We Liked

  • The removable grind basket - It’s always struck us as a little strange that the grind collector on every shredder we’ve ever tested needed to be unscrewed. This is the first high-profile product we’ve seen that addresses this curious phenomenon by allowing you to simply lift the grind catcher out and pop it back in when you’re done.
Tube parts of the product
  • The non-stick surface - We can’t say enough about how much easier the non-stick surface makes the entire process. And best of all it’s not Teflon so it won’t wind up flaking off into your grind.

What We Didn’t Like

  • We have to stretch a bit to find something negative to say about the SLX but here goes. We wish it were available in a 4” size simply because you never know when friends are going drop by. That’s pretty small potatoes though.

SLX Grinder Review: Bottom Line

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All in all, the SLX Grinder is a value winner with its reasonable price and array of desirable features. You can pretty much forget having to clean it all the time; the ground weed has a lovely texture to it that makes it suitable for any application, and the tough T6 aluminum means it's here to stay.

If a consistently high-quality grind from a low maintenance appliance is what you're after, you'll get it here. It will make you forget about your humble grinder card. The SLX is a recommend from us.

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