Platinum Metal Grinder Review
One Of The Most Elite Crushers?

Platinum Grinders

If you’re struggling to find a good way to cut up your herbs, it is time to upgrade to a good quality shredder to make your daily grind a lot easier. Anyone who needs to chop up their herbs regularly knows that having a good quality grinder can make all the difference. Not only will it save you time, but you’ll actually end up with finer easier to use green that will go further and give you a better experience. This is why we review so many products, because we are seasoned smokers ourselves and we've been around the block a few times to know the little tricks of the trade, that we want to share with you. 

Platinum Grinders Best Features


This shredder gets the job done. Loaded with 49 diamond shaped cutting teeth, this product makes cutting up your herb a breeze, rather than the chore that it can often feel like. The positioning of the teeth in relation to the top section as well as each other, ensures that your herb will turn into perfectly fluffy ground up green ready to use, not ripped or torn, or turned into powder like other products on the market.

One of the things that makes using Platinum grinders so easy is the textured grooves on the top and bottom pieces, meaning you can get a good hold of it while turning - something that is often overlooked on other metal designs.​


Platinum Grinders know that good shredders require top quality materials and for years have been making some of the highest quality products on the market. Unlike the poorly constructed options you’ll find at your local smoke shop, their products are made with ultra strong aircraft grade aluminum, precision milled on high tech machines.


With product dimensions of 2.6 x 2.6 x 2 inches of weighing in at 12 ounce, this model is big enough to handle a lot of herb in one go, while being not so bulky that you can’t take it with you on the go.​


The top rated product by Platinum Grinders is their metal 4 piece model. Anyone serious about their herb knows that the four part design is the only way to go. While the top two pieces chop up your herb, the third chamber will hold your freshly cut green and a stainless steel mesh screen will allow the precious pollen (kief) to fall through to the bottom section allowing you to save it up for later use.

The stainless steel micro mesh screen works brilliantly to let the pollen fall into the bottom chamber and after a few weeks you’ll find you have a good collection of kief to be able to sprinkle onto your green to make a super smoke session. If you’ve never used a shredder with a quality pollen catcher before, prepare to have your mind blown.

You can tell as soon as you take it out of the box that this product is made with precision techniques. It feels strong and sturdy and even the materials used are only the best quality. You can see that the manufacturers at Platinum have put real thought into every aspect, with the super strong neodymium magnet creating a tight seal on the lid, keeping your herbs fresh, odorless from the outside and most importantly, inside your shredder and it's no wonder it's so popular.

What We Loved About It

Platinum Grinders are built to last. Using such high quality materials to construct this shredder, they’ve made it easier than ever for lovers of the herb to get a top quality product without having to break the bank. The best thing is, because of the quality materials used, you’ll find that this thing will last a long time.

To test its durability, we’ve been using this product for quite some time and it is holding up beautifully, which was worth noting in this review. 

Best of all, Platinum know they’re on to a good thing, so they’re offering no hassle money back guarantee warranty as they know their customers are going to be so happy with it.​

To get a product of this quality you would normally need to pay a few times as much as a regular grinder, the truth is, you wouldn’t get a product that is better than this. A lot of people will pay more simply for a brand name they know, but with a full 100% money back guarantee on offer, this product is simply a better option.

You won’t find a better quality product at this affordable price and you may not find a better product, period. Check out this video below, to give you a little preview of what the Platinum Grinder can do. 

What We Didn’t Like

Platinum Crusher Review

There really isn’t much to fault with the Platinum grinder, but if we’re to be picky, at times it can a bit clogged around the teeth making the grinding process a little bit more difficult.

Like any tool, the best thing you can do is to take care of your shredder and clean up around it regularly, especially if you’re using a particularly sticky herb. While for some people this will be a bigger issue, we believe in taking care of our tools which give us so much, as well as not wanting to waste even the smallest amount of the precious herb.

Platinum Grinder: Is It Worth Buying?

If you take our advice and buy the Platinum grinder you’ll find it is almost certainly the best product you’ve ever owned. You’ll have a beautifully ground herb in a matter of seconds giving you more time to enjoy it. You’ll also get a product that is beautifully made and, frankly, even looks amazing.

If you’re an occasional smoker who is looking to buy a shredder for the first time, why not start with the best? For a budget that is comparable with a lot of lower quality products, you can instantly have something that is as good as any product on the market.

For more regular users that have bought inferior products before and finally want to buy that one grinder that will last, look no further.

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Platinum Grinders Review


  • Built To Last Using High Quality Materials
  • Slides Very Easily
  • Magnetic Lid So Your Weed Is Stored Safely
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Platinum Warranty

The Bad

  • Can Get Clogged Around The Teeth



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