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Acrylic shredders are made with premium grade acrylic materials and have a top compartment where you can place your herb. The compartment has plastic teeth that combine with the teeth on the lid so that when you twist, the weed gets crushed and falls through to a bottom compartment where you can retrieve it. Grinding your weed allows for more consistent and predictable flavor and results as well, I bet you didn't know that.

Plastic is lightweight which makes these shredders very transportable. Take them with you anywhere, to your friends house, on travels, or for use at home. Plastic is also non-toxic, which makes it safe for daily use and is strong enough to give a lasting, durable product to meet your needs. Acrylic grinders are incredibly affordable for the convenience they offer.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular plastic grinders in 2018.

5 Best Plastic Grinders Reviewed (2018)

1. official Volcano grinder

From the makers of the Volcano vaporizer, we bring you Storz & Bickel's Volcano grinder. We have to say, this orange herb crusher is one of the best plastic grinders we have ever tried. It comes in a 2-piece design which gives it simple and easy functionality. Made of lightweight acrylic, it is easily transportable and durable.

Valcano Herb Grinder Orange

The sturdy plastic material coupled with diamond-shaped teeth ensures an easy grind every time. It has a storage chamber on top which is pretty cool if you want to store your weed on the go. The only downside to this shredder is its 2-piece design. You will need a tray (or piece of paper) to dump your weed every time you grind.

As we said, the Volcano herb grinder is one of the best acrylic shredders available on the market, no joke. Considering the quality you get for the price, it's a steal. So, if you’re looking for full functionality plastic crusher at the most affordable price, look no farther than the Volcano grinder.

2. Sun’s Out Shades Shredder

Sun’s Out Shades plastic weed grinder is a small 3 inch product packed with a lot of punch. Its simple design adds no frills or extras, but it gets the job done. Simply add your bud into the spacious top compartment and watch it come out crushed up and ready for use on the other side.

Plastic Lid

Functionality was first in consideration when developing this shredder. It serves your basic need of grinding your green and if you want smaller pieces. Cleaning it is incredibly convenient as well. Simply wipe the compartment with some alcohol to get everything cleaned and ready for its next use.

This plastic grinder has the added bonus of being clear so you can watch the grinding process in action and you can see how ground up your bud is during the process. It is made of a strong acrylic with smaller acrylic shark-like teeth and it’s light-weight and small enough to take anywhere with you.

3. Medtainer Storage Container with Built in Crusher

Black Plastic Crusher

The Medtainer storage container with a built-in crusher is an excellent product that serves two purposes. The convenience of transporting your weed in an airtight water-proof container and a built in pot grinder so you can crush it fresh wherever you happen to be. Pain management can require attention at inconvenient times, but this product makes accessibility even easier.

It comes in a discrete black color and looks like a small container that could be for anything and we all know us stoners like stealth. In addition, the air tight feature of the main compartment means you won’t be emitting unwanted smells when you’re out in public, so you can really stay private about your lifestyle choice if you want to. It’s also water-tight which ensures that your weed won’t get accidentally ruined if you drop it in water, or walk through the rain with it.

4. Acrylic grinder

Acrylic Crusher

That's right, this simple acrylic grinder design is a crowd favorite in the cannabis community. 

At nearly 2.5 inches wide, this basic acrylic crusher fits nicely in your hand and gets the job done with sharp shark teeth and a magnet to keep the lid in place. The stash compartment allows you to keep some bud with your grinder, ready for grinding. When ordering, you  can choose from red, yellow, violet, green or blue. 

It’s made of lightweight plastic, which makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go and easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with alcohol and it’ll be ready for its next use. The top and bottom lids come with strong magnetic holds with the top compartment designed to store your bud.

Keep this plastic grinder as a back-up to your main one, add it to your collection, keep it as an extra at your friend’s house, or try out this shredder for the very first time. Being so affordable, there’s no reason not to.

5. The Futurola

The Futurola makes mixing and cutting loose your herb a very easy job. The durability of this grinder will amaze you. The fiber plastics (based on space technology) are so hard that you won't get a scratch on it, while it's still very light and portable. And don't forget, because it it made of this material you can easily wash the crusher without having rusty nails in your grinder and it won't have any smell to it.


The product compartment is equipped with durable plastic teeth to produce a nice, even, fine grind that rivals results of other shredders. If you’re looking for an affordable product that offers complete convenience for transporting and grinding marijuana wherever you happen to be, then the Futurola is a must have. 

It’s air-tight, water-proof and premium grade plastic is great for long lasting durability and incredibly lightweight so you can bring it with you anywhere you go, what's not to like?​

Is an Acrylic Crusher Right for You?

Acrylic herb grinders are great for crushing and grinding herbs. You can use them for anything from tobacco, weed, to garden herbs. They’re simple products that you can rely on to deliver results and get the job done. Plastic may sounds cheap but bear in mind that this type of material is very durable and easy to clean which can't be said for the other types of equipment that we have featured on this website. 

Let’s take a look at some of the positives and negatives of plastic grinders:

Acrylic Crusher


  • Light Weight - Plastic is light weight, which makes it super easy to travel with these products without worrying about having to carry them. You can bring them anywhere you go.
  • Strong - Made from high quality acrylic, these products are durable and long-lasting to meet all your grinder needs. 
  • Non-toxic - Plastic is non-toxic, perfect for daily use. 
  • Affordable - It's easy to use and prevalent material, which means we can pass on the savings to you by offering you high quality products if you're on a budget. 


  • If you're hard on your equipment, it might crack, but it will last if you use it carefully. In addition, they are affordable to replace. 
  • It will need to be cleaned more often than other types before you use it, so just make sure to take care of your stuff, so it can take care of you. Plastic is not as attractive as other materials, but still, offer a variety of colours and styles. 

How to Decide If This Type Is for You?

Fortunately, plastic weed crushers are not expensive products, so you are free to try and test quite a few different types, so you can get a feel for what's more your style. Plastic grinders are awesome and there are a lot of users out there, that won't settle for anything else and as you can see from reading this article, it's easy to understand why. There are many benefits to having it, not to mention that it is cheap. It's a very inexpensive way to keep your stuff pure and shredded. The material also helps it last longer because it is so easy to clean it.

However, if you're interested in exploring other options, then it's probably beneficial for you to go back and check out our page https://medpot.net/product-reviews/types-of-weed-grinders/ for some more ideas. 

Our Final Thoughts on Plastic Grinders


Overall, a plastic grinder is a great choice for anyone that is looking for a product to help deliver a smoother, easier, more consistent flavor and use of their tobacco or weed. If you’re searching for something that is simply functional and don’t mind having to clean your equipment a little more often, then a plastic grinder is perfect for you.

If you're still undecided about plastic and you want to see more information on other products, or to see what our recommendation is for the best weed grinder in 2018, click the button for more reviews. ​

Volcano Grinder

Our #1 Plastic Weed Grinder

  • Light-weight
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • Storage chamber on top
  • Diamond-shaped teeth for easy grinding

Considering the quality you get for the price, it's a steal.


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