Phoenician Grinder Review
Engineering a Set of Unique Features

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There are a lot of grinders on the market today and most of them are pretty unremarkable. Fortunately, that's something you can't say about the Phoenician Grinder. Developed by Phoenician Engineering, the build quality is top notch and the design will never be mistaken for any other brand on the market.

Whether or not you’re down with that unique design is something you’ll have to decide for yourself, but we find it both eye-catching and practical as well as being refreshing. But the Phoenician Grinder is more than just a pretty face. It has a lot of things going for it that will tempt you to leave your grinder card in your wallet most of the time and take this puppy with you wherever you go.

Phoenician Grinder: Design

The Phoenician engineers have put a lot of thought into the design of both the medium and large-sized, four-piece design and the smaller 2-piece models. The most obvious characteristic of the design is the notches down the side. These aid in getting a good grip and make snapping the sections together a breeze.

Inside the teeth are arranged in a spiral pattern that works the weed toward the center during the grind and the screen between the catch section and the kief section is super fine and won’t allow a lot of stuff through that shouldn’t be there. Toss in a built-in paper dispenser in the lid and you’ve got a winner.

The shredder disassembled in four parts

Material Quality

All Phoenician Grinders are made in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum. The surface is powder coated in a variety of different colors and won’t chip like paint will.

The grinder mechanism is subjected to a de-burn process that ensures there are no sharp edges or loose flakes of aluminum that could end up in your grind. Something not all manufacturers bother to do. Also, the cap is held in place by robust magnets that ensure no spillage during the grind.


The grinding action of the Phoenician is smooth and consistent. Unlike some other shredders who owe their smooth motion to the quality of the teeth, the Phoenician owes its agreeable action to the nice firm grip you’re able to achieve by way of the notches on the exterior. And that’s fine because all that really matters is the grind quality, which is routinely excellent.

Special features

All sections are interchangeable on the four-piece Phoenician Grinders. Meaning you can easily remove the screen and use the kief catcher as your main grind catcher if you like.

The Phoenician also comes with optional bumper rings which can be fitted around the exterior and used to protect the product from incidental damage.

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Is the Phoenician Grinder Worth the Price?

Red shredder by Phoenician engineering

As you might imagine, the build quality and features laid out above mean the Phoenician Grinder is not cheap. The question is: Is it worth the financial stretch? In our book, it is, because the myriad options and features are not superfluous. They aid in functionality.

What We Liked

  • The build quality - There’s no denying this is a well-engineered, well-built product that delivers on its performance promises.
  • The end product - At the end of the day it’s all about the quality of the grind and the Phoenician Herbal Grinder delivers in that regard. You may swear by your grinder card but the reality is that it can’t compete with this puppy.
  • Options - We liked the fact that this comes in 2 or 4-piece options and that the 4-piece can be easily transformed into a 2 or 3-piece unit as well. It’s also available in several different colors.

What We Didn’t Like

  • With our reviews, we're not going to lie. And we’re not going to argue over the price. It is what it is and it’s really not that much. But one thing we will mention is that, while the screen is easily replaced via a single screw, the fact that you need to replace it at all will be a weak point to some.

Phoenician Grinder Review: The Verdict

Phoenecian shredder in rasta colors

The Phoenician Grinder sports an undeniably unique look that is more than just a silly attention-getting stunt. Beyond the looks though, it performs as advertised, has an array of features that include screwless construction and built-in rolling paper dispenser.

And, hey, it's available in a gold-plated version if you have money to burn. A definite recommend from us.

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