Golden Gate Grinder Review
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golden gate weed grinder

One of the best value products you’ll find on the market right now is the all metal 4 piece model from Golden Gate Grinders. Based out of the Bay Area in California, this company has built it’s reputation making high quality products for one of the biggest and most discerning weed markets in the world, so much so, that you will commonly find this product in top rated product review articles.

The four part model that Golden Gate offer is one of the best value shredders on the market. The top part is a powerful neodymium magnet lid which helps to keep your green and all their smells inside the shredder. The second piece has the super sharp diamond shaped cutting teeth that will grind your herb perfectly, while the third and fourth chambers collect your shredded herbs and the pollen respectively. For those serious about collecting the pollen (known as kief), Golden Gate grinders come with a small scraper that will make getting the kief out of the bottom chamber an even easier job.

With dimensions of 2.7 x 2.6 x 1.9 inches and weighing just 4.8 ounces, the Golden Gate grinder is compact enough and light enough to carry around with you when you’re on the go, while also being big enough to grind a lot of herb in one go.

The Golden Gate grinder is made from premium aircraft grade aluminum meaning, which not only keeps the overall weight down, but ensures that the grinder is super strong.

Best Features 

In any shredder the most important aspect is how well it cuts up your herb and with this product the results are brilliant. The diamond shaped teeth positioned to ensure that your green is cut up perfectly. Unlike some other designs that can end up tearing or ripping your green, the Golden Gate grinder will cut your herb up into a beautiful grind that will make for the best smoke or vape.

Golden Gate's design makes for an effortless grind too. Just a few quick twists and turns and you’re ready to go. Other similar models take a lot more effort and still leave you with a lesser quality grind.​

Another excellent feature of the Golden Gate crusher is the stainless steel mesh that will filter out the very fine pollen (kief) into the bottom section making it easier than ever for you to collect and use at a later time. If you’re a fan of collecting your kief to make a super smoke every few weeks you’re going to love this. If you’re not already a fan, you soon will be.

Golden Gate grinder contains a strong magnet holding the lid to the second section. The last thing you want is for the top to come off in your bag and have your herb spread everywhere. With a good seal, you can confidently cut up a lot of herb and smoke it at a later time, knowing it is safely stored inside. The tight seal created also means all of the odours from even the funkiest of green will become unnoticeable.

What We Loved 

The best part about the Golden Gate grinder is the quality of the materials and craftsmanship that has gone into making the best possible shredder. The high quality components means you won’t need to worry about parts breaking off or even scratch marks.

The manufacturer claims that it will last forever and they’re willing to back themselves on that point offering a lifetime warranty. They know they’ve made a great product and something you’re going to enjoy for many years, so Golden Gate are so confident that they have a limited lifetime warranty policy, meaning you can be confident that this grinder is built to last, which is why we decided to review this product in the first place, to put their words to the test. 

Smiling Toy

We actually can’t imagine anyone taking up Golden Gate on their warranty offer as this is such a good shredder, but this guarantee may help more casual users who often buy cheap and flimsy models decide to take the plunge on a far better product. They’ll be glad they did as you could never get the grind quality you find here with those cheaper products.

What We Didn’t Like

The only real problem we had with the Golden Gate grinder is that it is possibly too light. Rightly or wrongly these days most of us equate a heavier product with being of a higher quality, stronger or more heavy duty. When you first pull this product out of the box it does feel like it is going to be a bit flimsy because it is a lot lighter than some of the other high end products.

Thinking Orangutan

Once you get down to using it, you realize that simply isn’t the case. We crushed a lot of weed through this thing and it held up amazingly, which suggested that it is all just in our heads. The materials used and the warranty guarantee means you can be confident that the Golden Gate grinder will be the last shredder you'll ever use.

Golden Gate Grinder: Is it Really Worth The Fuss?

It is hard to imagine that there is anyone out that there that wouldn’t like this product as much as we did. The guys at Golden Gate have thought of everything and developed a shredder that will leave you with a perfect grind, while also giving you the ability to carry it around with you wherever you go, without worrying about some of your green or the smells escaping.

They’ve managed to make a product that takes high end materials and design and make it a price that even entry level buyers will consider. Whether you are serious about your herb, or just a casual user, this product will more than satisfy your needs and may well be the last grinder you ever need to buy.

If you are not satisfied with the Golden Gate Metal 4 piece grinder then please feel free to check out some more of our reviews right here. ​

Golden Gate Grinders Review

The Good

  • High Quality Materials
  • Great Size
  • Extremely Portable 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • No Plastic
  • Great Quality and Value

The Bad

  • A Little On The Light Side 



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