Death Star Grinder Review
A Must for Every Star Wars Fan?

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The Death Star is not just the subject of every Star Wars movie ever made, it’s also the name of one of the highest quality shredder out there. This is pretty much a must-have item for any Star Wars fan. But it’s more than just a curiosity because it also does a pretty good job grinding herb and making it presentable for use in doobies, the bong or for vaping.

Everybody knows Yoda enjoyed his herb and now you can get that galaxy-far-far-away-feeling yourself when you make use of the 28 diamond shaped teeth at the heart of the Death Star Grinder. This is one of those things that’s both an instant keepsake and a practical item you’ll find yourself taking with you wherever you go in place of your beat up old grinder card.

Death Star Grinder: Design

The only difference between the Death Star Grinder and the Death Star space station is that you’re not going to want to destroy this one. Even if you were overcome with rebellion fever taking this one out would be no easy chore because the exterior is fashioned from a tough, non-toxic polymer while the interior grinding element is made from a heavy-duty zinc alloy that ensures longevity.

The standard Death Star Grinder is a diminutive 2” x 2”, (although there is also a not-always-available 1.5” diameter model that’s been making the rounds) and the rounded shape makes it feel even smaller.

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Material Quality

As we mentioned, the exterior of the Death Star Herb Grinder is made of a sturdy, high-quality polymer while inside they've fashioned the grinding mechanism from durable zinc alloy. Those zinc alloy teeth slice through herb like a lightsaber, and the whole thing is held together using neodymium magnets which ensure a tight seal while you transform your weed into food for thought.

This is a three piece design so all the product goes into the catch basin together which is something some folks will love and others won't love quite so much.

Grind Quality

The good news is that enough thought was put into the design here to enable it to deliver from both a novelty and a performance standpoint. While some of the high-end cylinder products will produce a more consistently excellent product (as they should) the grind you’ll get here is nothing to sneeze at.

Be aware that there are a couple of cheap imitations of the Star Wars Grinder out there that hold far less herb and don’t do as good a job.

Special Features

The real DeathStar Grinder comes in a nifty box with a free pollen scraper. It's a three-piece design with a central grind element that screws in place and a decent sized collection area below.

Is the Death Star Grinder Worth the Price?

Being a small unit, the Star Wars Grinder isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg. We've seen it for different prices on different Internet retail outlets. But regardless of where you buy it from, it's not going to break your bank like some high-end shredders. As a high-quality novelty alone, it's likely worth the price.

​For a wider range of products and prices, see our suggestions of the top 10 shredders.

What We Liked

holding the actual product on hand
  • The surprising effectiveness - The makers of the Death Star Grinders could have cut corners just to cash in on the novelty of the piece, but they took the time to do it right. Kudos.
  • The cool storage box - Typically you would remove the product from the box and throw that box away. With this one, you'll be tempted to hold onto the box and use it to store the grinder.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The three-piece design - It's not a big deal, but we've just never been big fans of 2 or 3 piece shredders. While we understand that a four-piece round shredder isn't easily doable we nonetheless still wish someone would try.

Death Star Grinder Review: The Verdict

deathstar grinder

The Death Star Grinder has a lot going for it besides its obvious novelty value. It does a commendable job producing usable herb and is made with some care from materials that should last a good long time.

While it’s not as easily portable as a grinder card, it is small enough to take just about anywhere. Toss in the fact that it’s reasonably priced and you’ve got a winner. This is a pass from us.

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