Chromium Crusher Review
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chromium crusher grinder review

Anyone who has been working with grinders for long enough will tell you that a poor performing grinder is more trouble than it’s worth. With a Chromium Crusher it’s two or three turns and you’re done, but there’s so much more to this workhorse than that, which is why we chose to do some extra research of our own when it comes to this product and give it a proper review to see if it really is as valuable as they say. 

Poor quality grinders allow metal dust fragments to break off into your mix, have teeth that don’t mesh properly or cylinders that have a loose clanky feel about them. Any shredder worth the money you pay for it needs to give you the sense that you’re working with a solid piece of machinery that will last through years of heavy use.

So, if you’ve been at all frustrated with the performance of grinders that you’ve used in the past and you want to shred weed to an acceptable quality to smoke, the Chromium crusher is a performance quality tool that absolutely simplifies preparing a mix.

With a simple and very sleek design, the Chromium Crusher has razor sharp teeth that chew into buds and pull herb from stem with incredible ease. Premium crushers are designed to make life easier and give you years of hassle free grinding because they crank more smoothly and quickly than other grinders and, with the Chromium Crusher you notice that difference straight away.

Chromium Crusher is a shredder which its design elements have been finely tuned to a greater performance standard. Choose carefully when you’re buying a grinder and if you want a machine that is heavy, precision milled with all four pieces individually engineered, you’ll probably want to settle on a Chromium Crusher.

But be sure you’re getting an authentic product. The Chromium Crusher grinder is well known and there are a lot of trashy copies out there cashing in on its reputation. Here’s some of the most important features to pay attention to when considering this grinder.

Chromium Crusher's Features

No question, size and durability are the standout features for the Chromium Crusher grinder.

The first thing you notice is how solid it feels and it was the first element that I wanted to test in this review...durability. It fits in your hands like a doorknob, put together as a weighty piece of precision metal and worked into unit that will perform effectively, for a long time, which is why it comes with such an extensive warranty.

The Chromium Crusher grinder a little larger than most of the shredders out there, but this gives you the opportunity to pack it with a solid volume of buds and it still fits nicely between the palms of your hands so you can get more shredding done for the time you put in preparing your mix.

It comes with a scraper and the sides of the chamber are angled so it’s easier to retrieve shredded bud. It also features a magnetised lid that neatly clicks into place and remind you every time you shred, making this a tool you want to use. Chromium Crusher's larger size means the kief screen has a greater surface area, which makes for a greater spread of product that is much easier to collect.

Best of all the Chromium Crusher has teeth like nothing else. This shredder’s diamond shaped mesh of shredding teeth slide over each other like polished metal should in a way that no standard metal triangular tooth designed grinders can.

Another important Chromium Crusher feature is the plastic ring the grinder slides on so the only resistance you can feel while grinding is the herb and stem your cutting through without rotating grinding friction slower, less effective grinders produce.

What We Loved About This Grinder

Letter Saying To Me You're Perfect

From musical instruments to power drills, the tools we use to get what we want out of life are only effective if they are well made and do the tasks we want to a high standard every time.

That’s what makes the Chromium Crusher so enjoyable to use. If you’ve been exposed to smaller less durable shredders, you’ll know how wonderful it is to be free of the frustration of instruments that don’t do the job properly.

This grinder cuts through a mix quickly and thoroughly, it’s teeth destroy tight resinous buds in moments in a motion that feels great to have in your hands, which is why it has been such a pleasure to review and I can honestly see myself keeping one of these babies around for a while. 

What We Didn’t Like

The only thing we didn’t like about the Chromium Crusher grinder was that the colors varied a bit when we ordered and received the product. This can be annoying, but, if you manage your expectations, it’s a let down that can be avoided.

Another thing about the Chromium Crusher grinder is to watch the accumulation of residue on the top magnet because this can affect the way the pieces fit together, though this is a problem easily fixed with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and speaks volumes for how much precision went into designing this shredder.

Chromium Crusher Review: Is It Right For You?

If you’re the kind of person who feels a substantial personal attachment to good quality tools that you don’t have to replace because they do what they’re supposed to and don’t break or misfire then the Chromium Crusher is going to tick all the right boxes for you.

Look around, get hold of one to try, if you know where to find one to test drive and reassure yourself of the quality and precision work that has been worked into the design and functionality of this grinder.

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Chromium Crusher Review

The Good

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • 4 Piece, 3 Chamber Design
  • Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Bad

  • Colours Can Vary



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