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Way back in the day, your grandparents ground their weed by hand. While this was certainly better than nothing, the resulting joints almost always burned in a strange, frustrating, uneven manner. Today, grinder cards fulfill the same function as grandma’s palms only they do a better job of it, and your weed isn’t infused with granny-palm sweat!

The grinder card is typically about the size of a credit card and slips in your wallet so that it’s always at the ready should you find yourself away from home and in need of a buzz. The grinder/shredder card works on the same principle as the cheese grater in that you slide your herb across the top and little by little the blades shave off small amounts of weed, ready to use.

5 Best Grinder Cards

The grinder card has an elegant simplicity to it that makes it the ideal addition to your everyday carry or head-kit (depending on your world-view). They're light, they're cheap, and they get the job done. Well, most of them anyway. Some are definitely better than others and below we've assembled our choices for the five best grinder cards on the market.

1. Cheech and Chong Grinder License

It probably shouldn't surprise anyone who's more than ten that Cheech and Chong would lend their name and likeness to a card grinder. After all, they made their reputation on humor that revolved around getting high/being high.

Apparently, years of being lost in the ozone hasn't affected their business sense because the grind card they've attached themselves to is one of the best, if not the best, on the market. It has a nifty sliding pocket design with the dynamically buzzed duo on the front as part of a fake license motif.

Cheech and Chong Grinder License Herb Grinder Card


  • Well made, durable
  • Strong, carefully consider teeth
  • A lovely grind that produces a nice smooth burn
  • Feels more substantial than other grinders


  • None worth mentioning

2. Raw Three-Way shredder card

The Raw grinder card takes a simple idea (the grinder card) and adds a bit of a twist that turns it into something that earns it a place on our list. That something is three sections that contain progressively smaller openings. The effect is to give you a nice mix of small to medium size particles that make for a more natural smoke that doesn't suffocate itself.

Beyond that, it feels really solid and is not intimidated by even the coarsest weed. The Raw Grinder is a good example of how just a little tweak can sometimes turn a good product into a great one. And because we love us some innovative thinking, it earns a well-deserved spot on our top 5 list of best grinder cards.

RAW Brand Three Way Shredder Card


  • The different size grinder slots produce an eminently usable product.
  • It is tiny but tough as nails.
  • As easy to use as 1, 2, 3
  • Short money salvation for the weed aficionado.


  • Would be nice if it had some sort of cool sleeve.
  • Your buddies may covet it so keep it close.

3. Roaring Lion Grinder Card

With its Jamaican inspired name and graphic V Syndicate wants you to know they mean business. There’s little doubt this is the best V Syndicate grinding card. What’s also clear after using it a few times is that it belongs on our list of 5 best as well.

The design is top notch, the teeth sharp, but not dangerously so. The grinding surface is more generous than some other graters and the sleeve lets you put it away when you’re done without getting kief all over the inside of your wallet or pants pocket. There’s also a roach holder in the lion’s mouth and every V Syndicate grinder card comes with a complimentary foldable tray for catching your product.

Roaring Lion- V Syndicate Grinder Card


  • Can’t beat that free foldable tray.
  • The larger grind surface means no wasted time.
  • The protective sleeve is a nice touch.
  • Looks as good as it works.


  • The grind surface may be too fine for some types of herb.

4. Yin Yang

The Yin Yang is another premium (can you use that word with card grinders?) grinder card from V Syndicate that provides everything the herbal aficionado needs to catch a quality buzz on the run.

It has a pair of grinding surfaces to fit your needs and stores neatly into its attractive sleeve. It’s not the best V Syndicate card in our view (see the Roaring Lion card above), but it’s still good enough to end up on our top five best list.

YinYang Grinder Card


  • Dual grind surfaces produce different grinds for different purposes.
  • It can be used to scoop after grinding.
  • Available in an array of tastefully reserved color choices.
  • Maybe the only grater on the market that comes with a warranty.


  • Not the cheapest product out there.

5. Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter

Lewis Carroll's timeless, surrealistic masterpiece is the inspiration for this product from V Syndicate. Actually, to call it a grinder card kind of misses the point because it’s actually a collection of 6 cards which, when assembled together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle create a larger image from the book.

As with all V Syndicate grinder cards, this one comes with the foldable tray for collecting your freshly ground weed. Each product in the set also features a different character from the story with a differently shaped card grinder.

Alice in Grinderland card


  • Collecting all the different cards and assembling them is fun for the whole family.
  • Each product in the set are all quite effective.
  • The image quality and feel of the piece is extraordinary.
  • A nifty sleeve to slide it into when you’re done.


  • You have to collect all 6 graters to make the full Alice in Wonderland picture.

How to Use a Grinder Card

You've probably read our in-depth review on the best grinder for weed. So, the fact you're reading this must mean that you're looking for something different. 

This type of shredder is very unique and using this type of shredder isn’t exactly intellectually challenging. To use your credit card grinder simply:

  • Decide on a landing area for the product - You’ll want a surface that’s clean and smooth.
  • Swipe the bud across the grind surface - Use enough pressure to keep it grinding but not so much that you force it through.
  • Try to get it all - Try not to let large clumps pass through the grind surface if possible.
  • Clean up - If you’re on the road, just give the product a few taps before returning it to the sleeve.
  • Pack up - When you’re done with it, just slip it back into the sleeve.

Here's a video demonstration of it in action.

It is both efficient and effective, and it winds up producing a much higher quality finished product than grandma used to get back in the day when she was grinding buds between her palms while listening to Loggins and Messina. The great attraction of the wallet grinder card is that it's travel-friendly and always ready to go.

Our Recommended Grinder Card...

For our money, the Cheech and Chong license grinder is the best card available today. It feels like it's going to last a couple of decades, the teeth are not scary sharp, but they're nonetheless extremely effective, and the final product will burn like a high-quality tobacco.

If you have to choose only one grinder card, we’d recommend the license card from Cheech and Chong.

Cheech and Chong License

Our #1 Grinder Card

  • Durable
  • Strong teeth for smooth grinding
  • Feels more substantial than other card grinders
  • Nice Cheech and Chong design
  • Nifty sliding pocket design
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