Cali Crusher Grinder Review
World's First Designer Shredder?

cali crusher

Cali Crusher is the world’s first designer grinder and of course we had to add this little gem to our list of grinders to review. They use only the finest quality materials to bring you the most superb crushers at an affordable price. With pride and innovation as the motivation behind their products, you can rest assured that what you’re getting is top quality. 


Cali Crusher’s Metal 4-piece grinder comes in 8 stunning shades ranging from a sleek and simple black to an electric green or neon pink. With its 4-piece, 3-chamber design, you have a holding, grinding and pollen collecting chamber to suit all your crushing needs.


Each Cali Crusher grinder is made from a solid piece of aircraft grade billet aluminum which ensures durability and strength. The lid is textured for ultimate grip and the top quality O ring and smooth threads mean an easy and mellow grind every time. The razor sharp diamond teeth will cut through your bud, giving you fast and consistent results.

Cali Crusher grinder are CNC machined for accuracy and ultra precise cuts, meaning each crusher is as effective as the last. Each one is equipped with a micron stainless steel pollen screen so you can separate the herb from the powder. Nothing is better than having a chamber full of kief so make sure whatever you do, you have one of these. Cali Crushers come with a pollen scraper so you’re never wasting anything.

The top chamber is held on by only the best neodymium magnets and the whole unit is sealed tight so you don’t need to worry about unwanted odors. Pocket sized for maximum portability, each Cali Crusher grinder is 2 inches in diameter and super light-weight at 4 oz.


Each and every Cali Crusher grinder uses anodized color which is non-flaking and scratch resistant. Your grinder will remain looking as sleek and shiny for years to come. Rest assured that these crushers are homegrown because each one is made in California. No chintzy pieces sent from overseas, but only the best materials made in the best place on Earth.

Cali Crusher's Best Features

The Cali Crusher grinders has some great features including its size, quality materials and effectiveness of smashing buds down to small pieces. The grinder itself is small and ultra-portable. Put it in your pocket, pack it away in your luggage, throw it in a glovebox, or leave it on the counter. Its size allows you to discreetly take it anywhere you go. Not to mention it’s sealed tight so no unwanted odors will be leaking out as you make your way through your day.

Cali Crusher grinders' high quality metal can withstand any reasonable amount of pressure so you need not worry that it will crush in your luggage or under a few things. The strong neodymium magnets that hold on the top chamber are super strong and reliable so you don’t have to worry about it popping off unbeknownst to you and spilling your herb everywhere.

The sharp and strong diamond teeth get the job done as well as any rival competition. Cali Crushers is the world’s first designer grinder to bring you high quality crushers at at affordable price.

What We Loved About It 

Hearts in Eyes

Overall, there is no denying the high quality of Cali Crusher’s metal grinder which makes it easy to love. The aircraft grade billet aluminum, neodymium magnets, smooth and easy fit of the threads and sharp diamond teeth really set you up for a lifetime of use. They’ve really thought of everything when making this little shredder.

Best of all, Cali Crusher grinders' quality is on par (if not, better) than rivals and is offered at an incredibly affordable price. Why pay more for a quality grinder when you don’t have to? This is why we write these reviews to let you know of the products that have value. 

The sleek and catchy logo splashed across the top of each Cali Crusher makes the grinder look more sophisticated. Cali grinders are offered in 8 colors, some bright and others more subdued so you can choose what speaks to your personality.

What We Didn’t Like So Much

There’s not much that’s bad to mention about this ultra useful and portable grinder except that for some people, it may be considered a bit too small. If you’re looking to grind high volumes on a constant basis, the Cali Crusher's size might affect you because you’d spend a lot of time emptying and reloading the unit. But honestly, the quality of the crusher makes up for the inconvenience because you can count on it to work and continue working.

Also, there’s no choices of design on the grinders, just a simple choice of colors. But nothing says you can’t slap a sticker on this bad boy if you really want something on it. Even though this product had a couple of very minor glitches, this grinder definitely still deserves a spot in our top 10 product reviews. 

Final Verdict: Is The Cali Crusher Worth It?

The Cali Crusher is a premium top-notch multi-chambered unit. Its quality makes it one of the top in its class and the results you get from the Cali Crusher rival other top grinders on the market at an incredibly affordable price.

Although the Cali grinder is a bit on the small side, it more than makes up for it with its high quality components designed to ensure a lifetime of use. Its razor sharp teeth produce consistent results every time, including ground herb and powder collection. It comes with a custom pollen scraper and combined with the micron mesh, makes collecting a breeze.

Overall, the Cali Crusher crushes the competition at affordability, quality, and grind. AND it’s made here on US soil. Make sure to support local and don’t pass up the opportunity to own one of these today.

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Cali Crusher Review

The Good

  • High Quality Materials Used
  • Sleek Design
  • Available In An Assortment of Colors
  • Affordable Price
  • Extremely Efficient

The Bad

  • Might Be Considered Slightly Small




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