Black Tie Grinder Review
The Classy Way to Smoke Grass

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Whether you grind your herb wearing a tux or a T-shirt you’re going to enjoy a nice even grind from the handsome-looking Black Tie Grinder. The Black Tie is built from aircraft grade aluminum and engineered to exacting tolerances.

Black Tie features 50 diamond shaped teeth for effortless grinding, a micron stainless steel mesh that keeps the chaff from spoiling your finished product and a no questions asked, money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Which in and of itself will be enough of a selling point to convince some people to purchase. But let’s look beyond the guarantee and see why the Black Tie Grinder is worth keeping, not returning for a refund.

Black Tie Grinders: Design

The Black Tie Grinder has a very sleek, contemporary look that's not likely to go out of style anytime soon. It's one of the few shredders out of the many currently available that actually works as good as it looks.

Black Tie Grinder is a four-piece design (lid, grind compartment, grind catcher, kief catcher) that comes apart easily whenever you need to use it or want to clean it. At 2.5” in diameter it’s too large to carry in your pocket, but who carries their shredder in their pocket?

Material Quality

Black Tie Grinders are built to last from aircraft grade aluminum. It has an attractive anodized finish that gives it a sleek, almost high tech look and it’s lighter than it appears to be. There’s no welding here. Black Tie is made from a single piece of aluminum so it has a high degree of structural integrity.

Everything fits together snugly, and the threads match up perfectly. The teeth are more than a match for any weed you choose to grind, and the cover is held in place with neodymium magnets, so there's no chance of losing product during the grinding process. The stainless steel mesh that filters out the kief also feels like a permanent part of the grinder and won’t corrode even if you drop it in a river while hiking.

Black Tie Grinder: Grind Quality

The 50 diamond shaped teeth of the Black Tie Grinder remind you why sometimes you want more than a grinder card has to offer. There’s little or no resistance when you turn it. The motion is smooth, and the shredder is not intimidated by the toughest buds.

The grind is nice and even, and the kief settles into the bottom chamber without a lot of prompting. Some grinders fight with the herb. Not the Black Tie. It takes care of business in a no-nonsense fashion that’s refreshing.

Is It Worth the Price?

Considering the build quality at work here as well as the attractive design and money back guarantee, we consider the price for the Black Tie Grinder to be more than reasonable. It's a bit more than some other shredders, but it's going to provide you years of trouble-free service.

What We Liked

  • We really appreciated the seamless way the components work together - There’s nothing worse than feeling the weed fight back while you’re trying to grind. Here the herb succumbs to the product without fail every time. The action is smooth, and the results are reliable.
product packaging
  • The no-questions-asked money back guarantee - This is a great feature but let’s be real; in all likelihood, you’re not going to need it.
  • The design is first-rate and it feels great in your hand - This thing looks like a million bucks when you whip it out. Is that necessarily important? Probably not, as long as the grinder delivers in the performance department. Still, it’s a nice touch

What We Didn’t Like

  • No complaints with the product itself. We just wish it came in different sizes because not everyone has the same needs or wants, and choices are where it’s at. For more options, make sure to check out this page.

Black Tie Grinder: The Final Verdict

This is an outstanding product that may even have you debating whether you should take it along with you instead of your nice, convenient grinder card. It feels great in your hand, the action is smooth and dependable, the final product won’t let you down, and the price is reasonable considering the build quality.

If you’re looking for a grinder that won’t make you feel like you wasted your money, you can’t lose with the Black Tie.

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