Alpaca Grinder Review
The Most Innovative Shredder Ever?

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Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about grinders and that the technology had been pretty much perfected along comes the Alpaca Grinder to upset the apple cart.

From the top, it looks like a standard cylindrical product but from the side, it takes on a whole new profile due to the conical lower portion that dispenses with the grind and kief catchers altogether and instead delivers the finished product directly into.... well where it goes exactly is up to you.

Overall, Alpaca's product is a well-built appliance that some are going to find eye-opening and it’s certainly worthy of a closer look.

Alpaca Grinder's Design

Alpaca Grinders look a bit like a mechanical turnip that dispenses weed. In essence, it's a standard 2" in diameter conical shredder that has had the grind and kief bowl collection segments removed and replaced with a rotating "dispenser screw" mechanism.

This dispenser mechanism sits in a clear plastic cone that allows you to watch it do its whirly thing with the freshly ground weed. When weed reaches the bottom of the cone, it drops out onto whatever collection unit you have in place. It's a great looking piece of stoner tech and one that a lot of people will probably be picking up just for the novelty of it.

Material Quality

aluminum metal material

The Alpaca Grinder is well constructed using some top-of-the-line materials. For example, the upper portion is fashioned from aircraft grade aluminum that’s been treated with a non-Teflon based stick-proof material. The shredding mechanism itself is as effective as they come and the twisting mechanism is more than a little mesmerizing.

The fact that the lower portion is mostly plastic is where the issues start with the Alpaca herb grinder because you can be pretty sure that before long that nice clear cone is going to be covered in scratches and also become discolored by resin from the herb.

Alpaca Grinder: Grind Quality

There's no doubt the grinding mechanism on the Alpaca is worthy. That said plenty of folks are going to be disappointed that they're paying premium prices for an appliance that doesn't even separate the main grind from the kief. And they have a point. The manufacturers justify their decision to drop everything together by saying you'll get a more potent smoke.

Most people, however, don't need a manufacturer to tell them how to enjoy their weed and are quite happy with having a nice stash of kief available for a rainy day.

They also know that any extra kick they're going to get from mixing things together will be minimal at best. So we're not buying the basic premise, which seems more like a cop-out than anything else.

How Much Does the Alpaca Grinder Cost?

As we said, Alpaca Grinder prices are premium. Whether or not you think the cost is worth the investment will be entirely up to you. We, however, feel our money would be better spent on a more reliable, standard product.

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What We Liked

  • The spirit of innovation - We applaud the spirit of innovation behind the Alpaca herb grinder. It is one of the most unique grinders out there. However, we also are aware that sometimes what seems like a great idea on paper doesn't always pan out in the real world. Oh, and we should mention that the device carries a lifetime warranty. For what that's worth.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The lack of collector - Sorry but as mesmerizing as the whirling screw thingy is on the bottom of the Alpaca Grinder, we’d give it up in a heartbeat for grind and kief collectors so that we didn’t have to worry about our newly ground weed blowing away.
  • The grind process - Besides potentially losing weed that falls out the bottom the process of grinding itself is awkward because you can’t get a good grip on the piece.

Alpaca Grinder: The Final Verdict

The Alpaca Grinder is really an experimental device that should have been more thoroughly market tested before it was offered for sale to the general public. It looks great when not in use and with practice you might find it to be an okay product.

But the Alpaca device as a whole simply doesn't make sense. Perhaps if they could work some sort of collection mechanism into future iterations, we'd be able to recommend it.

But as it is, we'd advise taking a pass. We recommend the Chromium Crusher as an alternative, which is our number one product recommendation. The price to quality ratio is something you can't beat.

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