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What are the Best Weed Grinders of 2017? Reviews & Buying Guides

Are you sick and tired of crushing up your herb with your fingers? Does the thought of crunching the buds into tiny even pieces so they’ll roll up nice and tight give you anxiety? Just thinking about that process makes me wanna have a calming smoke! That is why we have compiled the best weed grinders on this review page, because we want everyone that enjoys smoking pot as much as us to have the best equipment in 2017.

Sure, your fingers work ok, and you could even use scissors or a good old knife and chopping board, but let’s be honest, it’s inefficient and time consuming. Plus, the reality is, you end up losing half your bud these ways, and that's not cool. We all know how expensive marijuana is nowadays so we don't want to be wasting it because of some cheap product that you saw on sale. 

Weed grinders, herb crushers, marijuana shredders, pot mulchers. So many names, but ultimately one purpose, to perfectly grind your marijuana for an easier roll and silky-smooth toke.

What are Marijuana Grinders Exactly?

Weed grinders, regardless of the name they go by, are compact devices designed to tear up your marijuana with tiny synthetic teeth. By rotating your crusher, the teeth shred your herb into a perfectly even grind which creates finer pieces that not only roll easier, but burn smoother. This can only be achieved with the best weed grinder only because it's all in the quality of the product that you are using.

Hash Inside a Metal Catcher

There are many cheap grinders for sale that work both manually or automatically. Some require you to twist the shredder together by hand, while others have cranks or are even battery operated. These kinds of herbal crushers are getting more popular by the day so you definitely do not want to get left out. 

The most common weed crushers on the market are typically made from acrylic, metal or wood, and come with single or multiple compartments. Not only can you store your freshly ground herb in some of these compartments, but others are designed so intricately that they contain pollen screens and kief catchers to make your bud last even longer.

If you’re a serious smoker, it’s worth investing in a quality piece, but that doesn't mean that you have to be forking out a fortune for a decent herb grinder. 

Using a cutting board and knife, coffee grinder or scissors are probably the most common alternative methods, but tossing some bud into a medicine bottle with a coin and shaking it vigorously can do the trick in an emergency. Believe me I've been in all sorts of situations when you have to get creative to smoke your bud. I've even heard of people making electric homemade crushers from small table fans! Oh yes... never underestimate the power of a determined stoner. 

Marijuana Crusher

But there’s something that all of these homemade alternatives have in common...

While these methods get the job done, they are incredibly inefficient. In fact they're time intensive and laborious, and did I already mention that you can lose quite a lot of precious THC crystals in the process, so it's sacrilegious really.

If you want a quality smoke that you can roll tightly and smoke smoothly, then a professional herb grinder is definitely the way to go.

If you’ve ever browsed for the best cannabis grinders online, then you probably felt a little overwhelmed. With so many different makes, models, price ranges and options, choosing one likely felt impossible.

Don’t worry, we’ve done all of the hard work for you.

We’ve found the absolute best weed grinders on the market, so scroll down to check out our top 5 best herb grinders reviews for 2017. Also here is a little video that kind of breaks down everything we are talking about. 

The 5 Best-Rated Weed Grinders Reviewed

There are many different factors to take into consideration when choosing the best grinder for weed. You want to buy one that is made from the best quality material, has the right amount of shredding teeth, comes with multiple compartments, and of course, offers value in terms of quality and price. We will cover every single criteria in our review, so stay tuned for more information about the top pot grinders in today's market. 

Luckily for you we have tested tons of the best weed grinders for sale to see how each one performs, and have cultivated the ultimate top 5 list of cool grinders in 2017, and have reviewed each one!

Below you will find the top rated, not to mention cool and fun, best grinders for weed available. Here are the reviews...

1. Chromium Crusher Metal 4 piece 

Chromium Crusher review

Coming in as one of the best metal herb grinders in the market is the Chromium Crusher. This high quality crusher is like no other, which is why we chose it as our #1 best herb grinder available on the market today.

Based on our review, the Chromium Crusher is a 4-piece crusher available in 4 different sizes and several colors, but what really sets it apart is its unique design. Crafted with diamond shaped teeth that create a smooth, fine grind, the heavy duty zinc alloy material gives this shredder the long term durability you want.

The circular hole pattern of the Crusher design allows for only the finest ground marijuana to pass through to the second chamber. Other brands use oval or different shaped holes to pass through herb, but in our experience this allows too much unground herb to pass through.

Of course, this wouldn’t be our number one crusher if it didn’t have a high quality screen to capture even the finest ground pieces of herb. This marijuana residue (called kief...which we discuss below) can really give you an otherworldly experience when smoked.

The Chromium Crusher is practically a steal as well. For all that quality you would expect a higher price point, but that just isn’t the case. So, we found out through our review that this is one of the best weed grinder for sale right now and it is not even a question anymore. If you are looking for another type of material, you can find more products on our website. So, let's get on to the next product, or you can click the link below to read the full review. 

Click here to learn everything you need to know before buying this #1 ranked weed grinder.

2. Golden Gate Metal 4 Piece

Golden Gate Crusher Review

The Golden Gate Grinder is a tough-as-nails, max-strength crusher crafted from aircraft grade aluminum.

This four-piece shredder is 2.5 inches in size, and tailored with ultra sharp teeth, spaced for a nice, fine grind. Fit with a neodymium magnet in the lid, it keeps the top of the shredder in place for a clean shred, plus helps seal in odor and freshness. We were contemplating if we should add this product to our review but after using it a couple of times, we definitely had to do it. It's one of the most efficient marijuana crushers that we've ever used. So, it is surely worth a try!

The sides of this crusher are textured so your fingers don’t slip while grinding, and the black matte finish is scratch resistant for a nice cool appearance. It also happens to be smudge-proof, and won’t peel or flake either.

We love this herb grinder because it is one of the more economical options available, so why isn’t it ranked number 1?

Though it contains many chambers, the herb catching compartment is quite small and herb tends to get caught in the thread, making for a messy clean up. Due to this specific feature, this shredder is best used for really dry marijuana.

Click here to learn even more about this grinder

3. Cali Crusher Metal 4 Piece

The Cali Crusher comes in two different sizes and 5-6 colors depending on the model. Both models are designed with aerospace medical grade aluminum for durability, longevity and efficiency, which makes it one of our top crushers. 

Unlike other herb grinders on the market, the Cali Crusher has patented radial cut teeth for grinding and fluffing. Its 4-way quick lock feature also works to reduce your risk of cross threading or jamming your crushers. We had read a lot of other reviews on the Cali Crusher and everybody seemed to have a great experience with them, so we had to check it out for ourselves, and we're glad we did. Definitely deserves a spot in our top 5 review list of the best herbal grinders today. 

Cali Crusher Review

There is plenty of room in this multi-chamber grinder, to store your freshly ground herb and the grooved lid makes it easy to grip, as well as open — even for those suffering from wrist or hand pain.

What we love about this shredder (besides everything we just mentioned above!) is that its magnetic top chamber is stronger than so many other brands. We’ve found that lesser quality crushers tend to have weak magnetic lids making it easy to spill your ground weed, but the Cali Crusher is strong and secure. You also won’t have to worry about the micron screen becoming warped because it is stretched nice and tight over one of the chambers.

Did we mention the price is decent too? Depending on the model, the Cali Crusher typically ranges between $25-70. For some people, the higher price point may be a little too expensive, but we assure you, the quality makes it well worth it if you’re serious about your bud, which is why we couldn't wait to review it.

Want to learn even more about the Cali Crusher? Click Here For the Full Review

4. Platinum METAL 4 Piece Grinder

The Platinum Grinder is another crusher engineered out of aircraft grade aluminum. This material gives it an undeniable durability and longevity that many wooden or acrylic crushers simply cannot guarantee.

This model comes with 49 diamond shaped teeth for a more effortless grind, and the neodymium magnet lid keeps everything in place.

Platinum Grinders review

Similar to the Golden Gate brand, Platinum grinders come with multiple compartments (4 to be exact!), but what we really dig about it is the pollen catcher. You can collect the pollen and once you have enough, make pollen hash with it. Or you can just smoke it on its own for a different experience.

This weed grinder is best used for dry weed or herbs because the design of the grooves in the pollen catcher make damp herb more likely to become stuck. We also felt that the magnetic lid could have been just a little bit stronger for an even safer hold.

With this crusher you really can’t beat the price. It is beyond affordable, so if you’re on a tighter budget, but still want high quality, then you can’t go wrong with the Platinum Grinder.

Click here to get even more dirty details on this hot grinder!


Zip Crusher review

Zip Grinders are not your average crusher They are large and in charge, measuring in at 2.5” in diameter and 3.5” high with a nice clear chamber. What’s even better — you can store up to 6 tablespoons of ground marijuana in that chamber!

This shredder is super powerful thanks to its masterfully placed, diamond shaped grinder teeth. They also happen to make for a super consistent grind.

Included with this herb shredder is a 100 micron mesh pollen screen, a scraper, and box to help you make the most of your herb. As you grind you can actually see your herb pass through the mesh screen and collect in the clear chamber.

Obviously such a big herb grinder isn’t always conducive if you’re traveling, so what makes this model particularly cool is that you can remove the clear centre chamber and take the other three, more compact-sized pieces, on the go.

Made with premium grade aluminum, you can buy this shredder in different colours such as gold and black. The price is also exceptionally affordable for such a high-quality piece.

While we love many things about this herb crusher, we did find that if you’re too rough with it, the teeth can become warped and start to grind against one another. This gives you a less than efficient grinding experience, and if you try to force it to spin you can actually break the entire thing. While it’s #3 on our list - we still choose this as one of our favorite pieces due to the quality, and the price. On the flip side, if you aren’t overly aggressive with this crusher it will last for ages.

To learn more about the Zip Grinder, click here to read the full review!

What is a Kief Catcher?

Any herb grinder worth its salt will come with a kief catcher, but why this is so important?

What’s kief you ask?

Kief is the super-fine powder that comes from dried resin glands on cannabis leaves. Kief is often referred to as pollen or crystal. It contains high doses of the chemical THC, which is responsible for giving you that psychoactive experience. In other words, it’s the good stuff that gets you nice and high!

Kief catcher

All of our top 5 marijuana grinders for sale comes with a kief catcher feature, which essentially means they have a bottom level chamber that only allows the smallest, finest resin to syphon into. Over time — and with continuous grinding — your kief will add up until you have a full bottom chamber.

A kief catcher essentially lets your weed go further because you can use every last ounce of it. You can burn kief on its own or mix it with your other ground marijuana for a more potent experience. Some people even like to press it into kief hash bricks or infuse it into oil or butter for baking purposes.

However you end up using your kief, the inclusion of a catcher is an extra cool feature simply so you can get your full money’s worth and enjoy a different kind of high.

An open marijuana grinder

Weed Grinder Buying Guide & FAQs

So...Where is the Best Place To Buy?

It’s pretty clear that buying cool weed grinders is a great investment. Your herb will be finer, your smoke smoother, and your high better — but where is the best place to buy one?

Sure, your local head shop will be packed with different varieties of crushers, but the prices can be incredibly inflated. 

You could always go the DIY route, but then you run the risk of a crummy, low quality grind, so is it really worth your time and effort?

Person on a laptop

The absolute best place to buy high quality, money-back guaranteed grinders is online. When you buy weed crushers online you can also save a ton of money. Not to mention this shopping experience is way more discreet than purchasing in a store. Wether you are looking for a strong metal crusher, a plastic shredder, wooden herb grinder, or even custom herb grinders, you can find them all there. 

Online retailers tend to have some of the best sale prices, and you also get to browse multiple products that you may not have access to in your local head shop. You can also score other accessories like scales and papers while you’re at it. Now that’s a win-win. So whether you are looking for something a little more fancy, or just looking for cheap weed grinders the online route is the best way to go. Now that you have learnt how necessary weed grinders are, I suggest you check out our top 5 weed grinder reviews of the best products in 2017. You'll be surprised who's made the cut. 

So, what are the types of herb crushers?

If you become a regular smoker, than not only is it essential for you to carry a herb grinder, but you also need to know the different types there are, so that you are well equipped to make a decision when it comes down to, which one is right for you, or which do you need for certain occasions. There are three easy categories to break down the different types of herb crushers. Here's a breakdown of the different types available in the market:


  • Metal 
  • Plastic
  • Wood


  • 2 Piece
  • 3 Piece
  • 4 Piece
  • 5 Piece


  • Manual 
  • Electric

If you want a bit more in-depth information on differentiating the 3 categories of crushers listed above, then I suggest you check out our page on the types of weed grinders, that can give you the answers you are probably looking for. 

How to use it?

When people start out smoking, they often shy away from learning to grind, roll and prepare their herb altogether. I think that's because when people first start the process can look extremely complicated, and people are often to paranoid to give it a go. But if you smoke with friends, then you soon learn a thing called  


weed etiquette, and it's considered rude not to prepare the smoke for the next guy. So people are often forced to learn, and when they do, they wonder what the heck they were scared of in the first place. Grinding pot can be done in 4 simple steps, and if you want to check out an article, we wrote that breaks down the steps that the most stoned person can follow, head straight to our how to use a grinder page.

Why is it important to clean it?

Most people overlook the value in keeping your crushers clean, and they don't realize that cleaning your shredder actually plays an important role in how to conserve your precious green. Here's a fun exercise...take a look at your grinder right now. Can you see chunks of built up herb molded around the teeth of your grinder? If you do then you need to read our article on how to clean your weed grinder because I'm telling you, it's a good practice to get into if you spend quite a bit of money on your baggie. It's actually an extremely easy process and doesn't take up much time at all. After you have read our instructions, why don't you give it a try with that filthy crusher that you have, and tell us what you think?

CAn you make your own at home?

You can DIY just about anything, and herb crushers are probably one of the easiest things to come up with out of house hold items. Makeshift grinders can last you longer than you think. I used a small coffee grinder as my herb shredder for months, and it did the job just fine. 

DIY Tools

If you're looking for inspiration, and interested in doing some DIY action of your own, then check out our article on how to make a homemade grinder, for all the ideas that you need to get you started.

Protip: Get high first, then do this exercise, it's so much more fun!

Just to Wrap Things Up

So if you didn't know anything about weed grinders before then, you do now. I hope this article answered all the questions you had about herb crushers, and why they are such a necessary tool for the modern day stoner. 

Frog in Shopping Trolley

Now that you have all the information you need, I guess there is no time like the present to start researching which is the right crusher for you, and how easy can it get when we have perfectly highlighted the best of the best in what's circulating the market in 2017. So if you haven't read the full reviews of each of our top 5, I suggest you go back and check them out, because I'm sure any one of them is the perfect match for you. ​




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