2, 3 or 4 Piece Grinder? How Many Chambers Do You Need for Your Herb?

weed grinders number of chambers needed

Everybody knows that the quality of the marijuana we choose is the most important factor when we smoke or vape. When it comes to chopping up your weed, though, a lot of people will settle for doing it with their fingers, using scissors or cheap plastic grinders meant for other purposes. Too many people leave the cutting up of their stash as an afterthought and don’t realize the effect that this is having on your high.

To get the most out of your weed, it needs to be cut up as finely as possible to allow the active ingredients in your pot to be exposed to the hot air and inhaled. Finely chopped up ground herb will burn smoother and more evenly, meaning every drag will be more uniform and your bud will go further.

1,2,3 digits

While some crushers can seem expensive, in the long run, it can actually save you money. Using scissors of your hands to pull apart your bud can mean that all of your pot won't burn properly and you’ll waste some of the good stuff. When you start using a quality piece for weed, that can finely chop your bud; you’ll find you’re using less and saving yourself money.

Using a shredder is also quicker than doing it with your hands or scissors. And isn’t that what we all want? Less time preparing and more time smoking.

Once you’ve realized you need to get yourself a good weed shredder, the next decision is which one. There are a lot of great products on the market, with different sizes and varying components, so it can be difficult to know which one is for you.

Here’s a quick guide to use when choosing your new shredder:

The 2 Piece Shredder Does The Trick

This is an entry level model for the occasional smoker or someone who is on the go. It is simple and easy to use with both the top and bottom pieces for weed while having the sharp teeth that you need to grind your bud. You just dump your pot into the bottom section, throw the lid on top and twist it a few times to chop up your green. Afterward, you’ll open it up and dump the goods out onto some paper or another container.

The pros

Metal Herb Shredder

For the occasional weed smoker or vape user, who doesn’t want to spend more on a larger model meant for heavier users, this can be a great option. It’ll certainly get the job done and for those used to cutting up with scissors you’ll notice the difference immediately, but for heavier users, you are better off going with a bigger model.

While its size means it won’t be able to handle as much of your stash, it may be convenient for other users.

The portability of this shredder makes it the perfect “travel crusher” for those that already have a larger capacity model at home and don’t feel like taking that out with them. Because of its size, you’ll be able to slip this device into your pocket meaning you can take it anywhere you go, even if you’re on foot, meaning you’ll be able to chop up wherever you are.

The Cons

Well, this is pretty obvious, the downside to the 2 piece grinder, is that it’s much smaller than the others, which means you won't fit in as much bud, which just makes getting to the smoking process longer. So it's important before deciding to buy wether you go for a two piece grinder or higher, to think about what is a priority for you.... portability or quantity.

The 3 Chamber Grinder Is When It Starts Getting Serious

If you realize that a smaller crusher won’t do the job, it might be time to upgrade to a 3 piece grinder. This crusher works in much the same way as the two-part device, but has an extra chamber to catch your ground up green. Holes in the second section allow the small chopped up fragments of your herb to collect in the bottom chamber, meaning you no longer have to tap it out into another container. With particularly sticky green this can be quite difficult at times, with your herb stuck to the gears. That is why the next level grinder above the 2 piece is the 3 piece herb grinder. 

Chromium Crusher Review

The Pros

For most people, the added size of the three chamber grinder means you won’t be able to put it in your pocket, but that's not to say that you can't easily throw it into any backpack or satchel.

The added capacity and ease of use in the model more than makeup for the slightly bigger size and it is a great option for those that still don’t feel the need to spend money on the highest end options, but still want a great product that will handle a lot of herb.

Kief Inside a Metal Catcher

Some three chamber grinders will also have a screen that will collect a substance that detaches from your bud as it is chopped, known as kief. While these devices can help you separate out these “crystals” if kief is your thing, you’re better off going for the four chamber method, which takes it to the next level.

The cons

Slightly bigger, so a little less portable and you are still missing the full feature of a kief catcher. But it's still very much loved in the community so don't dismiss it completely. For anyone who takes their chopping seriously the three stage shredder is a great product.

4 Piece Grinder Is Probably the Most Loved 

Now we’re starting to get into the serious users. This four chamber grinder set up has everything you need to chop up your bud and get the most out of your smoking experience.

Like the three-part model, this design has the top two shredding modules with the holes in the second for the chopped up herb to fall into the catching chamber. The difference is that this 4 part grinder has a whole chamber to help collect your kief.

The pros

Kief, known officially as trichomes, will come lose from your bud every time you chop up. In smaller crushers, it will come loose from the rest of your pot, but has nowhere to go, so you’ll smoke it with the rest of your green. As we mentioned above, some 3 piece models have a small screen to collect the kief, but that won’t be as efficient as the four piece grinder models.

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This “crystal” like substance is a more concentrated and pure part of the bud. When you shred your bud using a 4 chamber grinder, the ground up pot will fall into the third chamber, while the much smaller kief will fall onto the bottom section.

From there you can collect it over the course of a few weeks (depending on how often you smoke or vape) and when you have enough, you can sprinkle it onto your green to get a high that will knock your socks off. If you’ve ever had a smoke laced with kief, you’ll know it is worth investing in a 4 piece weed grinder that will help you collect your kief for some super highs sessions.

The Cons

It's hard to fault the 4 piece grinder. It's probably the most popular out of the bunch, but if you really want to be critical then I guess you could say a down point is its chunky size. But when you're a serious smoker, the 4 stage grinder is the only option and they don't really like to take them out anyway. Besides an easy solution is to have a cheaper smaller crusher when you want to smoke outside of your home.

But for anyone who is serious about their green, you simply can’t get a better product than the 4 piece grinders. These shredders are by far the most popular and most widely purchased products among the pot community for a reason. The best 4 piece grinders, not only does the job better than any other product, but they are the most loved by the popular brands as well, which means you are always getting seeing more improved 4 piece herb grinders being released into the market. I'm pretty sure anyone else that smokes a lot of green, will vouch the same thing. 

The 5 Piece is For Those Who Think Bigger is Better 

For some people, bigger is always better. If you want to not only chop up huge quantities of green but also impress your buddies, the 5 piece herb grinder is for you. This grinder is for those who are constantly chopping up weed, like Snoop, or Wiz. 

Big Booty

The pros

Just like the four-stage option, this 5 stage grinder chops up your stash and collects your pot and kief in their designated chambers. So what is the extra section? Well, it’s actually a second pot collection chamber.

By having holes of varying sizes, you’ll collect larger fragments of your pot in the third chamber, while smaller pieces will fall through to chamber number four and the even small kief will fall to the bottom section.

This can be valuable for people who like to use different sized ground for vaping or smoking to create different experiences. It may also suit someone who is shredding for a large group who have different preferences. 

The Cons

Thumbs Down

This grinder isn't for the faint-hearted and for most, the extra chamber is simply overkill and doesn’t really add anything to the overall experience that the three or four stage models don’t already do. It's big and clunky, but if you're the type of smoker that likes to prepare in bulk, or you have a lot of stoner friends then there is no other choice really. Yes, it's big and yes it's not very stealth, but as I mentioned before, these are the type of crushers you buy for home and nowhere else.

How Do I Decide if it's Right For Me?

I hope I haven't bombarded you with too much info on the different sizes of herb crushers available in the market. It's a lot of information to take in, I know. However the choices are pretty simple, the more weed you smoke, the more pieces you want. 

However, if you are more interesting in finding out what type of grinder can last you years, then you probably want to take a look at an article we wrote on the different types of grinders, that breaks down how to choose, from materials to sizes, to functionality. Head to www.medpot.net/product-reviews/types-of-weed-grinders/ for more info. 

Final Thoughts

Happy Stoners

As you can see, choosing what size weed grinder is all about preference. For me the higher amount of chambers you have is like getting another stripe on your arm.... you've just moved up the stoner ladder. However some people really want to have a portable grinder that can easily fit into their pockets, so they can "secretly" transport their grinders to their friends house, for a smoke session. Whatever you decide, just choose the one that is right for you, so you can enjoy 420 like a grown up.

So, if you've heard enough about the sizes and you're ready to check out some grinder reviews click on the button. 


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