Electric Weed Grinders: Are Stoners Converting to a Simpler Way?

Recreational and medical marijuana use is on the rise, which means it’s an exciting time for the cannabis industry. Weed grinders are used to grind down marijuana into smaller pieces so that they are more manageable for smoking or cooking and grinding your weed allows for more consistent and predictable flavor and results. Also, it's almost impossible to smoke, or vape marijuana in it's natural form, as they are usually the size of little nuggets, which is where the term "nugs" came from.

But with so many grinders on the market, the decision can seem overwhelming. Should you choose electric or manual? Don't worry; we’re here to help you answer that question.

What Are Electric Weed Grinders?

Electric herb shredders are used to shred your bud down. They come with a top compartment where the bud is placed in its full form. Some shredders have a small compartment and the entire unit can easily be taken in your pocket when you travel and other shredders have a large compartment so you can grind up large amounts all at one time.

In the chamber, are sharp metal disks that serve to slice and grind up your bud are connected to a battery. You twist the compartment onto the battery, press a button and watch the magic happen. 

Why is this fantastic? You get to choose what consistency you want your herb to be and all in a press of a button. You get an even consistency every time. If you like your weed a little more course, you simply just don’t grind it quite as long. If you want it to be like a powder? Press the button down for a full 15 seconds, it's that easy.

Electric Pen Crusher

Slightly larger pieces, similar to what you would get if you were using a manual grinder, are best used in a pipe, bong, or bubbler. But with the advent of vaporizers on the market, you want a finer consistency to make sure you’re able to vaporize all of the product and are not wasting any. Also, any type of cooking that you want to do with your marijuana usually requires a powder form.

Trying to get your weed down to a fine consistency with a manual grinder can be time consuming, frustrating and in many cases impossible. But with an electric grinder, you can get results in an incredibly timely manner with minimal effort. All you seriously have to do is press a button.

Other uses for an electric herb grinder include storage. Just fill the compartment and screw on the lid. Grind only right before use, to make sure your weed is as fresh as humanly possible.

Furthermore, there is no chance of injuring your hands from repetitive twisting and grinding. This is great news for anybody that might have arthritis or any type of hand mobility issue. Or it just saves you time so you can better spend it on doing the things you want to do, like smoking. 

Automatic crushers do, however, require batteries or a charging station. But in this day and age when our books, phones, tablets, computers and even e-cigarettes need charging, when are we ever without an outlet?

Overall, the pros of electric weed crushers seem to far outweigh the cons, but for some reason, stoners and pot heads seem to still love the manual grinder. 

Here’s a quick recap of automatic herb grinders:

  • Achieve desired consistency by simply pressing a button
  • Can get herb down to a finer powder from whereas a manual grinder cannot
  • Works fast
  • Minimal Effort
  • Grinder doubles as storage

It seems the only question left to answer is if you should buy one or not.

Manual Vs Electric Herb Grinder?

First, what are manual weed grinders? Manual shredders can be made out of different materials, such as plastic, wood, or metal. They typically come in 2, 3, or 4 pieces called chambers. A 2-piece crusher is your most basic herb crusher where you put the weed in the top and it comes out the bottom. When you add a 3rd piece, thats when it gets interesting, as these types of grinders comes 

Bob Marley Crusher

with a screen mesh, which creates a chamber for you to catch the finer pieces of bud you grind up, also known as keif. A 4th piece is a lid for the top chamber and serves as a storage for your weed.

Different types of materials will give you different quality products. For example, plastic grinders are extremely affordable and can be long lasting if you are careful when you use them. But the pieces and especially the teeth used to grind the weed are more prone to breaking off than a metal grinder, which uses stronger metal teeth. Overall, advanced hand held shredders can be a very effective option for crushing your bud down to a usable form.

Now lets not forget this new phenomenon of electric weed grinders. What are they exactly? Electric herb crushers have the same objective as manual ones, without the added labor, which is why it has taken off in the weed community. Typically there is a compartment where you place the weed and the compartment attaches to another piece that has blades and a battery that will shred the bud. With the touch of a button, you can watch the weed get ground up and all you have to do is unscrew the compartment to get to it.

Rolling a Joint

Grinders, manual or electric, the ultimate difference comes down to convenience and results. A good herb crusher will save you time, money and effort, so which ever fits the bill for you is the way to go. If you are still a little undecided and if you want to go back to our types of weed grinders page to keep browsing your other options. 

So Which is Better? 

Technology has driven change and innovation in every area from phones and computers to how we pay our bills and check-out from the grocery store. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be ready to improve our experience of handling cannabis. Automatic herb shredders are the wireless phone chargers of our future. Not everyone is using one, but they are here and they are only gaining in popularity and attention.

They are faster, easier and give you more control over your results without any additional effort.

Head Shop

You choose what consistency you want and an electric weed grinder gives you those results. Do you want big pieces? Small pieces? Powder? With an electric shredder, you answer those questions simply by holding down a button for a longer period of time. It's true manual grinders struggle to crush down your weed to powder form, however with all new technology, there are always kinks that need to be refined before you can say it's the best of the best, which I guess is the reason why most stoners still prefer the traditional manual grinder. Electric weed grinders give you immediate results and give the choice back to you, while manual grinders, are durable, portable and trustworthy and you know that they will always get the job done right.

You no longer have to be held back by the limitations of your tools. If you’re ready to expand your options and you want to check out other related products, click here. 

Where To Buy the Best Electric Herb Grinders?

Ok, if you've been sold on the idea of grabbing yourself an electric weed grinder because you like the idea of something taking the work out of smoking then read carefully, because I'm about to tell you guys where to get the best products in the market at the most discounted price. So without further adieu, here they are.

1. Sharpstone Vibrating Herb Crusher​

It is no secret how multiple innovations of grinders have been popping out to level the standard of today’s technology. If you are into grinders that does not just offer a high-quality performance but will definitely fit your budget as well, you might want to consider Sharpstone.

With a push of a button, your grinder starts to vibrate, making your pollen being filtered automatically.

Sharpstone Review

Sharpstone Grinders are a high-quality herbal shredder made out of the aircraft grade aluminum rod. They are CNC machined ensuring that no glued in teeth. Each herbal grinder is also individually anodized to make sure scratches and smudges are less likely to occur.

The teeth on Sharpstone Grinders were manufactured to be diamond shaped with razor sharp edged. You get a perfect grind down every time making the desired blend the perfect consistency for vaporizing or cooking. The lid is reinforced with an ultra-strong double magnet for an air-tight hold. Your blend will never fall out

Additionally, this specific crusher has a built in vibrating mechanism that helps shake even more pollen into the pollen catcher. Every grinder is accompanied with a carrying bag and pollen scraper; it's a stoner's dream.

2. Chewy 

Chewy Review

The Chewy electric grinder is a truly unique and portable shredder that enables you to effortlessly crush your herb almost anywhere. The Chewy features a durable polycarbonate body and is powered by a 9-volt battery that gives 10 hours of continuous use.

The grinder features a revolutionary loading and grinding system that allows you to safely store your herb and with a push of a button, grind up your buds into a fluffy, manageable consistency.

The Chewy is equipped with a two-gram capacity; spring loaded herb chamber that when activated pushes the buds into the rotating carbon steel blades. The specially designed, self-cleaning blades avoid unwanted compression by pulling the buds into the rotation to achieve a fine grind.​

You can easily load your rolling paper, pipe, vaporizer or bowl while you grind by removing the rubber safety cap on the pour hole or just grind and safely store your mix for later without worry of loss or spills.

The ergonomic one hand push button action means that the blades are able to rotate in either direction for an incredibly fine grind. This makes it perfect for medical patients who have limited use of their hands or have joint or muscle pains that stop them from using conventional grinders. The shredder comes in a box with a double-ended cleaning brush and an instruction manual. So if you're convinced that this product is right for you and you're looking for where to buy it, simply click here

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