Why Did America Make Cannabis Illegal?

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When it comes to the history of legalities of rules and regulations, it is important that you take part of applying it in your day to day living. Anything that is provided by the law should be implemented and at the same time be taken with caution. According to the United States legal history of cannabis, its usage became a legal concern to most people who are taking it for medicinal purposes. However, its restrictions are increased, and its labeling began in the USA during 1906 onward. It's outright prohibition also commenced in the year 1920's. During the year 1930's it has been regulated as a drug by every state in the USA including other 35 states that have adopted the Narcotic state of drug activity. 

If you are a resident in the USA, surely you will see discussion about the pros and cons from different people’s point of view. Furthermore, you can have your own decisions whether or not you want to be a part of the drug act law or not.

How Did Marijuana Become An Illegal Drug?


As mentioned, it took place during the early 1900’s wherein after the Mexican revolution, there was an influx of immigrants into the USA through Texas and also Louisiana which also led them to their ancestor's customs, beliefs, and traditions. One of these was the use of cannabis to relax and as a form of medicine. Most of the immigrants call it as "marihuana" while for most Americans would call it as "cannabis." Social media became an influence on the minds of the people as it brings news and stories regarding the herbal plant. It began to play the fear of what it is going to be like if an individual is overusing "marijuana," what are the major complications and what are the possible solutions for this matter?

By the time marijuana underwent a process of demonization of the herbal plant, this also has the reason why Mexicans are as well in the process of demonization. Same goes with other means of drugs to keep the citizen alerted and freed from any use of it as well. After it has shown its success, the method of controlling became a national challenge to pursue a strategy among people who are using weed. This means that it ensures to keep the people from reaching this type of drug.

The Year 1996

weed plant

This year marked as the approval of using marijuana as for medicinal purposes. Furthermore, the purpose of cannabis has been around for more than 5000 years in giving therapeutic effect to most people ever since this has executed in the country. The efficacy of marijuana has been fought for many years, but then, it eventually ended. To know more about the reasons why marijuana became illegal, here are the following.

1. It is perceived as very addictive- under the means of controlled substances, pot is said to be a dangerous drug, and it can have the potential of a user to abuse its contents. As soon as an individual becomes hooked to the effects of marijuana, it can dominate anyone's lives, and this can be combined with other means of activities such as infusing it with alcoholic beverages. 

2. It’s over beneficial usage- although this is still an herbal plant and manifests a medicinal type of effect; its benefits are still not accepted by the rules and regulations of the government.

3. This has been linked over by narcotics such as the use of heroine- although marijuana is described to be as a narcotic along with the use of cocaine.

4. Hippies are said to be the thought of users of weed- most of the prospects are said to be the hippies and “losers” of the society which imposes a sanction of owning marijuana.

5. Marijuana is said to be linked to an ethnic group- the year 1930's wherein there was an intense movement against the use of cannabis which is why Mexicans are banned in America. Nowadays, the use of marijuana has become largely overpopulated among the whites.

6. Advocates appealed to make weed as a legal case- indeed the effect of pot can lead an individual's creativity, passion, open-mindedness and a lot more thus with a deeper sense of cosmos and closer relationships, however, this does not entail that it can be legalized right away. This needs to be approved and must find ways as to how to make it possible for an individual to not overuse the drug for their benefit.

7. It has a powerful effect on the public policy- the use of marijuana has indeed been banned. This is to ensure that no one is disobeying the law of taking cannabis. If you once become very comfortable with the use of weed, it is best that you put yourself to lay-low before anything can worsen.


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Therefore, it is not that easy to deal with something that you wish it can promote a better way of living life. Although marijuana has a kind of effect that may seem to bring good attitude towards one another, this can, however, affect a person's instinct to get attached with the herb. Aside from that, some are negatively using this herb thus creating chaos and problem to the society because some use this to earn money taking advantage of young generations wherein its effect is truly something you can't forget. Moreover, knowing that this also has its cons, its downside makes it lose its way to have it appealed to the court. There is no way for marijuana to be approved by the law, not unless it is medically needed.

If you are a pro-life person, this means that you are against things that might cause damage and disruption to the human race. Imagine what it can affect the world if everyone is using it? Perhaps, you can’t be sure on how you want your children to grow with such influences.

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