Different Ways To Consume Marijuana: Hint...You Can do More Than Just Smoke it

Smoking weed is perhaps the most popular way to ingest marijuana. And as you would have it, there are tons of different ways to smoke it.

With the advent of medical and recreational marijuana legalization, there are tons of ways to ingest your bud. There are the most common methods, eating and/or smoking and newer ways that are growing in popularity like vaping and dabbing.

We’ve compiled a list of some of today’s most common ways to use herb:

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The Loved Classics

Joints: The Classic

A joint is a rolled pot cigarette. They are typically hand rolled with papers and may or may not have tobacco added into them. Joints are commonly used within a group of people sitting in a circle, where the phrase “Puff, puff, pass” is used.


pipes: for the hip hipster

Pipes come in all shapes and sizes. Head shops around the world have been designing pipes in all different forms for centuries since they double for use with tobacco. A pipe has a bowl where the user places the weed. The bowl is then lit and inhaled in order to obtain a high.

Bongs: When you just want to rip

Bong Rip

A bong is a water pipe that offers the perk of added filtration. The bowl is lit and the smoke is filtered through water before it reaches the lips of the smoker. Generally, a bong offers a cleaner hit and is preferred over pipes.

What We Are Seeing Now: And Where Is Marijuana Heading?

Edibles: Just a Snack Away

Marijuana edibles have been around for a long time. Pop culture has long referenced pot brownies as the go-to for turning your bud into something you can eat. Others have created weed cookies, candy, chocolate bars, gummies, cakes, etc.

The reason most edibles are sweet is because THC, the psycho-active ingredient in pot, is fat soluble which is easily infused into butter and baked into a dessert. Also, the portions are easier to control this way. Imagine making a pot of herb-spaghetti. Each portion consumed would be a bit different (especially depending on the consumer’s hunger) and the amount of THC would vary, giving unreliable highs.

Topicals: Just Swipe it On

Topicals include lotions and ointments that can be rubbed all over the skin. These are useful because they can target a specific problem spot and may bypass the psychoactive effects of the THC without compromising the pain relieving aspects of it.

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Tinctures: Ever Heard of These?

This is an often ignored form of consuming marijuana, but one of the most efficient ways. Tinctures are a liquid concentration of cannabis where the active ingredients have been leached out into alcohol. The user simply uses one or two drops under the tongue to receive quick effects.

The Newest Ways To Have Marijuana

Vaporizers: for the anti-smokers

Vaporizers are devices used to vaporize the active ingredients in your weed. This occurs at a lower temperature than combustion which makes it more efficient and less harmful.


Tabletop Vaporizers

Some vaporizer systems are made to sit on a table-top which means they are larger. Typically the vapor is collected inside a plastic bag or inhaled directly through a hose.

Vaporizer Pens

Another vaporizer system is the vape pen, a method of vaping that has gained traction with the advent of e-cigarettes. As e-cigarettes grow increasingly more acceptable to carry around, vape pens have joined them. These are extremely portable and can be kept on your person and used wherever you are for maximum convenience. Furthermore, the vapor released from this method of use does not smell very strong compared to smoking it which adds further discretion.

Vaporizers use both marijuana leaves and oils, depending on the capabilities of your vaporizer. Don’t forget your grinder when using marijuana leaves so that there is even and consistent vaping. It generally produces a stronger affect than oils, which give a clearer or lighter high. There is currently less variability on the market with oils, but that is likely to change as legalization progresses.

Dabbing: The Most Advanced Method


Dabbing is a method of consuming marijuana that has been rising in popularity. A dab refers to using a concentrate of marijuana and dropping it on a hot surface and then inhaled for an intense high. Dabbing is not for amateurs and not recommended for beginners.

What Do You Like?

If you're new to smoking, then you may have only tried a couple of these methods, which is a great opportunity for you to try new things. Each and every experience has it's own sensation of high or healing, just go easy on the dosages if you're a newbie, especially when experimenting with edibles...TRUST ME

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If you're a seasoned veteran, than I'm sure you have figured out your style, but that's not to say that you don't like to dab into other methods every now and then. Knowing this kind of smoker really well, they are probably on the search for the ultimate high, where you reach self enlightenment. Whatever level of smoker you are, my point is it's great to try other methods to see, if you find something new you like. The beauty of the weed legalization movement on the rise, is that the pot industry is booming, which is evolving the way we smoke. Should be interesting to see how far it can go. 

So now you know all the different ways to use cannabis, you probably have all sorts of other questions about marijuana and the world of weed. If that's the case feel click here for more info on everything about cannabis and the high life.

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