Marijuana Companies Buys California Town, Plans Pot Paradise


Nipton has been brought by one of the largest marijuana companies in the entire field of California. Will the place be ever renamed by the new owners? The old name is known as "Weed" belongs to an old mill town that is near Northern California. According to reports, the American Green incorporation has brought the entire field 80 acres, which also includes the hotel that is in an old west style, as well a bunch of houses, RV Park, and a coffee shop.

What Are The Owner’s Plans?


Of course, after having to buy the 80 acres, there are plans made for the entire area, and this is to transform the Gold rush town and naming it as the energy independent, cannabis friendly and hospitality destination. According to Roxanne Lang, which is the town's new owner, she claims that the American green incorporation confirmed its purchase. However, she declines to reveal the amount as to how much it costs. But she noted that the property was listed for about $5M while it was on sale the previous year.

The plan for the town has so many projects ahead that it excites the owner and the developers to expand the farm and sell water cannabis infused from the Nipton's aquifer. The buyers are also reaching for more manufacturers as well as other types of industrial pot business and are hoping to relocate the place and making it more productive regarding bringing new jobs to the people in the town.

There are few of the residents that benefit the major sources of assets which are the lottery ticket. The store sells to individuals who are across Nevada as this is not available in the place. More so, developers are indeed excited to take charge of the entire process of change just like the olden days of the 19th century. That was the time wherein gold rush happened. Looking for the gold is indeed a challenge. Perhaps the gold is located somewhere that may be in the middle of the town.

Freeman's Time

Los Angeles was then a town discovered during the 1950's and the gold treasure was then placed somewhere as only Freeman would know. Lang said the gold may be settled somewhere in between the place. Freeman has brought the place in 1985 and has made a lot of discoveries and at the same time has spent the last 30 years of restoring the place with hotels, general stores, eco bins wherein the bins are stocked with woods and burning wood stoves as well as the use of swamp coolers.

The Hotels


Back in the day, the hotels were one of the best things that you could ever see in the place. Its destination became an aficionado among people, and those who are a fan of the old west was even featured in movies.

Now that the area is brought, there are hundreds of ways for it to have a good start. It became a trend among Californians as there will be new jobs open soon and projects will be rising in the development of the state and city. This will make the area more vulnerable to people who are taking marijuana as a medicine and leisure.

The New World of California Cannabis


Cultivating cannabis is the next project for you to expect in the years to come. Although marijuana is illegal, there are some places in America wherein its usage became legal as this is found to have always been therapeutic. What will be its future projects that most people are excited about if it is ever going to happen or not is the water bottling infused cannabis. The production of marijuana will take its place as an edible marijuana. So do not be surprised as to how things will change and happen for the next couple of months.

What are the Effects?

This project lies a lot of discussion from so many people in the country. Looking at its pros and cons surely people would say it is a con to have a large acre of marijuana being produced for the benefit of those who are in need of medicine. However, it is best suited that you know the pros and cons if you ever plan to be in the place.


Most likely an advantage for those people who are taking cannabis as a form of medicine. An alternative approach of infusing the water with cannabis to ensure cleansing and at the same time guarantees a therapeutic effect for marijuana smokers. As mentioned, this place may be rich in gold as there is a history that the gold is buried somewhere. The place is near Las Vegas and a border of Nevada.


Keep in mind that there is a school nearby located, so this means that students can have possible access to the cannabis company. This can be a danger of putting your child to a school nearby this kind of place.

Final Thoughts...

Therefore, being in California can sometimes be overwhelming as you do not know what other things you might get in the next years to come. Although the place is no doubt a good place to live, however, you must be responsible for your actions especially if you are in a place nearby or you are living in the area. If you are planning to take part of the projects, it is best that you ensure first your safety. If you have a family, make sure that your children at not exposed so as not to affect their growth and development. This is to make sure that the experiences of your children are not that influenced.

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