Las Vegas Prepares to Start Selling Recreational Weed as of July 1

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Despite all the kafuffle about whether Las Vegas was going to be selling recreational weed on time, dispensaries are going full speed ahead all around the “City of Lights.” When Nevada voted to legalize recreational cannabis last November, their goal was to be ready for recreational sales by the beginning of 2018, and impressively it looks like they have outdone their target.

The Issues of Distribution

So at the moment marijuana dispensaries that have received their retail license from the state will be allowed to sell any inventory they currently have, which doesn’t have to be categorized as medical or recreational when it comes to taxes, said Tax Department spokeswomen Stephanie Klapstein. According to state regulators, they will only issue licenses to 40 dispensaries by Saturday. This means that sales will begin on July 1; however, dispensaries will not be able to restock until the distribution regulations are final, which means people better stock up on July 1st.

Because the process could take some time, companies around the valley are stocking up and just praying that they will have enough supply to last until the debate is over. Rumors are flying around that companies will be able to restock medical marijuana, which doesn’t require a licensed distributor, however, they must sign papers stating that they will only sell products to medical patients.

The Appeal Is Coming


So here’s the deal, alcohol wholesalers will have the exclusive rights to move recreational marijuana from point A to point B – growers to dispensary which was the temporary court order that was extended by Carson City district judge in June. However, the state of Nevada has all the intentions to appeal, so that the states medical marijuana dispensaries can obtain pot licenses as well.

“The department is preparing an appeal to Tuesday’s ruling,” Klapstein said.

So far over 80 companies are currently approved by the state of Nevada to conduct business in the legal cannabis industry, which includes 25 dispensaries.

As of July 1, Nevada will join Colorado, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Alaska, Oregon, Maine as well as the District of Columbia that have legalized recreational marijuana in their state. While the drug is still illegal on a federal level, it’s exciting to see more and more states accepting what marijuana actually is. A plant. July 1st can’t come at a better time, and with the 4th of July just days after, it will be a nice new way to celebrate the holiday, by watching the fireworks, while enjoying a jay.

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