Amazon Customer Leaves Bad Review but Didn’t Realize It’s for Weed & it’s Hilarious

Bad review

Not many plants can satisfy the appetite like that sweet smelling green herb that is packed with impressive medicinal value, and goes great with some pasta and a nice bottle of red wine. Yes, that’s right I’m talking about rosemary. Good job.

However, if you’ve been following our blogs, you must also know about the culinary sensation of another herb called marijuana, which I guess you could say fits the same description as its friend rosemary above. But rosemary is not marijuana and what works for one herb, doesn’t necessarily mean it can work for the other.

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Unfortunately, the cannabis industry has made it hard for people like “Ms. A. Maddox” who has had a hard time searching for an herb grinder for her kitchen, because when doing a search on Amazon all she found were grinders for weed.

But you would think she would know the difference right?


Now I’m not judging, but I have to say that people are very quick to judge when it comes to reviewing their new toys, and in Maddox’s case she was caught with a false start. In her review, she complained about how the rosemary fell through the grinder and blamed the weed industry for making it difficult to find a spice grinder.

To be fair, the Amazon listing did call the grinder an herb/spice grinder which helps her case and it did seem like she did know the difference between the two types of herbs, however her mistake was to settle and purchase what she could find… a weed grinder.

Even though the listing did state that the product is used for all types of herbs, it clearly was not the right tool for her spice rack. Maddox’s review serves as a cautionary for anyone willing to settle. The bold review was taken down, but not before screenshot, and shared on social media.

Poor A. Maddox, just not her day.

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