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Did the Cavaliers Locker Room Smell Like Weed Game 2 of the Finals?

Now let’s all be honest, wouldn’t you want to smoke a puff if you had to face the Warriors?

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, it was a sad night after they lost Game 2 of the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors, where Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant led their team to a 132 – 113 victory on Sunday night.

But did the Cavs soothe their wounds with some natural herb? sports reporter says it could have been happening.

What Was Reported?

The Cleveland Cavaliers locker room reportedly smelt of marijuana after the game on Sunday night. The undefeated Mike Wise tweeted the following on Sunday night in Oakland, California:

“Cavs locker room has a strong reefer aroma to it tonight. He, it’s Cali. You’re down 2 – 0, and it’s all about pain control. To be clear, I don’t know who was imbibing marijuana in the Cavs locker room – media that entered, player, etc. But it wasn’t a dead skunk.”


Meanwhile, ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst joined "First Take" Tuesday to talk all things Finals and confirmed a rumor that the Cavaliers' locker room did indeed smell like marijuana on Sunday after Cleveland's 132-113 loss to the Warriors.

Like Mike Wise, Lindhorst also reported he didn't know if the aroma came from a Cavs player, employee, or even a media member smoking, but fellow analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose said regardless that it's not a big deal.

Here's what they had to say about weed in the locker room, on First Take. 

Seems like lots of people in the media had thoughts on the issue at hand and blogger, Mike Tolbert wrote on the Cannabist, a famous marijuana blog was one of them where he wrote an article stating:

“It would be hard to blame the Cavs if this was their preferred post-game recovery method, having been smoked 132 -113 at Oracle Arena in Oakland."

Final Thoughts: Who's Really Against It?


It’s also worth mentioning at it’s actually not the first time marijuana has been reported in the locker room. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson recently said he used pot before games even to the extent that then-Warriors coach Don Nelson said it was OK.

For now, this story remains pure conjecture and speculation, but we’re not ashamed to admit we wouldn’t care and if anything it would be kind of cool, if it were true, just because who doesn’t want to relax and recover with some Mary Jane after a devastating game.

Whoever it was in there, we all just want to say “we get it.”

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