Four-Year-Old Brain Cancer Patient Sees Tumor Shrink – Thanks to Cannabis Oil

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Every once in a while a story comes along that's both heartwarming and groundbreaking, and the tale of a young Brit named William Frost is definitely one of those. Four-year-old William was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, underwent surgery and chemotherapy and, to everyone's dismay, showed no signs that he was going to pull through. Not willing to give up on their child William's parents, Steve and Hilary Frost, turned to a local clinic that prescribed them CBD or Cannabidiol. CBD is a cannabis derivative that does not contain THC, the component in weed that produces the high. It didn't take long for William to respond to the new treatment and within a few months his tumor has shrunk by two thirds. William, in fact, made such a remarkable recovery that he was soon able to return to school.

How it Happened...

According to William's parents the boy had never experienced any particular health issues until after turning 3 when they noticed one day that his head had begun tilting to one side. At first, they didn't know what to make of it. Soon after that however he began having problems with his balance and began vomiting for no apparent reason. Their GP was stumped and referred them to a series of specialists, who also had a difficult time trying to determine the cause of the young man's problems. Finally, an MRI revealed a golf ball size tumor in William's brain and Steve and Hilary were floored.

Both surgery and chemotherapy failed to halt the progression of the disease and Steve and Hilary were told to prepare for the worst. They, however, were not having it and began a search for alternative treatments in the hope of finding something, anything that would aid in their child’s struggle against the disease. Finally, they read about CBD and research that indicated it might have tumor-fighting capabilities. They found a clinic where they could procure it and paid £2,000 for a nine-month supply. An investment they now believe to be the best money they've ever spent.

Tumor on the brain

The apparent success of the CBD has led the couple to throw the weight of their newfound celebrity behind a new research project at Nottingham Children’s Brain Tumor Research Centre. That research seeks to quantify the mechanism by which CBD reduces pediatric brain tumors, if indeed it does. William’s parents aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the benefits of CBD. Professor Richard Grundy who leads the research effort at Nottingham Children’s says that more and more families are choosing CBD as their primary treatment option and that by doing so they help the medical community gather much-needed data on CBD. That data will be crucial in gauging the effectiveness of CBD, the mechanism by which it reduces tumors as well as what constitutes the most appropriate dosing levels and more.

What Other Conditions Can be Treated with CBD?

  • Anxiety and Stress-Related Conditions - The contemporary world has produced a plethora of miracles in the areas of communication, travel, and healthcare. Unfortunately, it's also responsible for raising the anxiety levels of people around the world. Cannabis Oil, CBD, and medical marijuana have all been shown to be effective in reducing stress and mitigating the symptoms of various stress-related disorders, including serious conditions such as PTSD and insomnia. Should cannabis and cannabis derivatives continue to prove effective in treating such conditions, it may help move untold numbers of people away from some of the dangerous prescription medications currently prescribed to treat various anxiety disorders.
eating disorder
  • Eating Disorders - Anyone who has used marijuana for recreational purposes is well aware of its tendency to stimulate the appetite. This tendency, typically called "the munchies," is now being harnessed to help people with eating disorders like anorexia regain something akin to a normal appetite. In addition, people who have HIV/AIDS often experience weight loss as a result of their condition and/or the medications they take to treat their condition. Cannabis has been shown to be effective in helping these people eat better and regain body mass. Conversely, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests CBD may actually help stimulate hormones that can suppress the appetite, in which case it may wind up being effective for treating compulsive overeating as well.
  • Pain Relief - Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to relieve pain and modern empirical studies have largely confirmed its effectiveness in this regard. A growing number of chronic pain sufferers have incorporated cannabis into their regular treatment regimens and swear by its ability to provide them with real and significant relief. Those who are reluctant to smoke cannabis to achieve relief can take heart in the fact that cannabis oil, as well as CBD, have also demonstrated an ability to provide relief from both chronic and acute pain. Clinical studies, in fact, have demonstrated that 3 doses of cannabis per day are effective in reducing the severity and duration of pain and enhancing the ability of chronic pain sufferers to get the restful sleep they need.
  • Asthma - Asthma is the most common respiratory disease in the world, affecting as many as 5% of the human race. It is an often life-altering affliction that has so far evaded a cure although there are a growing number of treatments available to help people living with asthma cope. One of the newer asthma treatments is cannabis oil which, because of its natural anti-inflammatory abilities has shown promise as a method for dilating constricted bronchial tubes and thereby providing relief during asthma attacks. While early clinical evidence, as well as a mountain of anecdotal evidence, is promising more study is needed to determine how cannabis oil can be most effectively deployed in the fight against asthma.
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Cases like that of William Frost demonstrate the enormous untapped potential of cannabis, cannabis oil and CBD. It’s our sincere hope is that research in this area continues so that the people who need it may benefit from effective cannabis treatments in the future.

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