Marijuana is Just Like Coffee…It’s All in The Grind

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Chopping up weed is just a part of the process, and if you’re a serious cannabis user you know that there is an art to getting a fine grind, because cannabis buds are typically large, dense, and sticky, so they must be properly prepared prior to being rolled. Most people have their own techniques, when it comes to tearing up their pot. Some people go all “Bear Grillz” and use their bare hands by breaking up the weed using their fingers. Others go the culinary route, and use the good old kitchen chopping board and knife, but if you really want a consistent blend, that crumbles in your fingertips, then you really need to get with the times and start using what all the cool kids are using, and that’s a top grade weed grinder.

To Grind or Not to Grind? What’s the Diff?

This isn’t a hard riddle to solve, not crushing your weed can lead to some problems and makes other methods of smoking impossible. One hitters and small bowls benefit from your bud being ground up, because air can easily pass through instead of clogging the pipe, and rolling joints and blunts require fine grind for the same reason.

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When vaporizing bud, grinding up your weed allows it to be evenly vaped, and most vaporizers even instruct that you do it to get the best performance result. For those Bear Grillz fans out there, you should probably note that using your fingers can lead to the loss of THC crystals, so not only do you lose some THC resin heads on your hands, but you’ll also tarnish some of the resins left on the bud that you’ve been touching with the oil on your skin, and every serious lover of cannabis just wouldn’t tolerate that.

Don't Literally Use Coffee Equipment

Ok, yes I used coffee grinders as a metaphor in my title, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that everyone should crush their marijuana with an espresso grinder. I mean yeah sure, you could use an electrical coffee grinder to shred your pot, as I’m aware that many people do use this bizarre method, but I don’t recommend it. Why? Because it is too efficient at shredding, and some electric coffee grinders, can crush your weed so fine, that it’s literally like talcum powder, and you don’t want that. The reason why I say that “marijuana is like coffee, it’s all about the grind” is that when it comes to marijuana, just like coffee you need a certain consistency for it to be consumed correctly.

How to up your game?

The only way to up your grind game is by investing in the proper tools that every pot head should be carrying. So, what’s the best shredder to use? Well that all depends on the individual really, but personally I like metal weed grinders the best, because the teeth are way more solid than the teeth with plastic crushers, and they don’t get as blunt easily. When it comes to chambers, I’m a 4-chamber kind of guy, because I love a good old kief catcher, because every single part of the plant is vital, and it’s a shame to waste anything!

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Obviously, everybody has a choice of how they like to grind their weed, and if you like to use your fingers, the best part about cannabis culture, is that nobody cares how you do it, as long as you’re enjoying your Mary Jane at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. All I’m saying is keep yourself open to what’s out there, because now that we are starting to see progression with the recreational marijuana movement, the cannabis industry is becoming a legitimate billion-dollar industry, and all sorts of crazy and cool gadgets are popping up all over the place to make weed life easier, and even more chill than it already is.

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