Why Do Stoners Love The Kief Catcher When it Comes To Their Grinders?

For stoners that grind weed on the regular, should be pretty familiar with kief. For those of you who don't know what this is, this is the fine powder that is made out of the trichomes or the dried resin glands that are found on the cannabis leaves. It happens to contain a high concentration of THC, a psychoactive chemical and when inhaled, it gives off euphoric feelings.

Stoners love this special substance for a few reasons, but mainly because it gives you an extra buzz than just smoking weed on it's own and it's considered not wasteful. It's quality would depend on the type of marijuana that is being used and with the effects that it is expected to have upon the user, it is not a surprise to see more and more stoners actually preferring to have this catcher feature on the weed grinders that they purchase from the market.

But what is kief catching all about and how does it all work exactly?

This article explains everything you need to know about this fine art and honestly as soon as you find out how easy it is to obtain, we guarantee that you will be looking for this feature in your next crusher. ​

Collecting Kief

There are a number of ways that this pollen can be collected. In the event that one needs larger amounts, this can be done by getting the leaves rubbed over a mesh of stainless steel screens. It can also be done by getting the branches shook and then holding something to catch them.

For those that only require them in smaller amounts, this special feature on a herb grinder can be used for this very purpose. These shredders have a special compartment at the bottom where the kief can be collected. This has become a very sought out feature for people when they look for crushers because without it the substance will only likely end up getting wasted. Breaking the leaves using your hands is not very advised since this will only cause the stuff to just stick to the hands and ultimately cause you to lose it in the process.

Ground Up Weed

How To Use Your it Properly When grinding

Rolling a Joint

One needs to remember that how it is collected can be dependent on the kind of grinder that you are using. In many cases, crushers are designed with a small screen that is situated at the bottom. This screen is what captures the nectar that comes off of the leaves.

There are people that were able to achieve it by shaking the grinder or banging them while the cannabis is still in the grinding section. With the help of the mesh screens, you can be sure that the kief will be properly caught and accumulated for you to use the next time. If you're looking for more information on the types of grinders on the market, you can simply click here for everything you need to know before making a decision to buy. 

How to consume it

This substance is usually rolled in a joint with their weed. However, people need to remember though that this is a substance that quickly burns up. That is why when you sprinkle it over your cannabis; some people like to mix it with tobacco, so it doesn't burn so quickly. It smokes best when it is either on top or in between two mediums weed and tobacco, but everyone is different so you can smoke it however you want to.

Final Thoughts: Is It Really Worth the Fuss?

man smoking

As you can see having a kief catcher is extremely handy to have for those that like to get really blazed. Yes, it can take a bit of time collecting the good stuff, but when the screen is attached to your grinder, you don't even know that the process is happening and after a couple of days you can check the bottom piece and see how much you have collected. It's actually really fun going and checking how much you have collected and it's always exciting when you see a pile of green powder waiting for you.

Because at the end of the day, who wants to waste any part of cannabis?

Certainly not stoners.​

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