Where are Grinders Heading in the Future?

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Over the years, sensitive issues regarding the use of cannabis arise and have become a hot topic to many community fora and social media groups. Smoking marijuana or recreational pot usage has sparked different debates as far as its health benefits, side effects or even its dangers are concerned.

With marijuana’s reputation getting tainted by its negative side-effects and health risks, highlighted by the mainstream media, one question seems to bother people from the cannabis trade: How would this affect the industry as a whole? In this article, we're going to go deep into the future of the where the cannabis industry is headed, especially when it comes to grinders. 

Our Predictions for Grinders

As they say, whether good or bad, it is still considered as publicity. And with the current status of many states and countries legalizing responsible use of marijuana to get hold of its medicinal and naturopathic benefits, it’s fair to say that marijuana, as well as all those businesses surrounding the weed products, has something brighter ahead of them.

Now, let’s take a closer look as to what everyone can expect from marijuana-related products such as these innovative grinders.

More Opportunities for New Customers

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Thanks to those news reports, feature stories and health articles about the effectiveness of smoking or even ingesting marijuana among cancer patients that are circulating online. These highlight the fact that smoking weed is not at all dangerous. Potential uses of cannabis are associated with the alternative medicinal treatment and prevention of epileptic seizures, depression, other diseases like glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder and even cancer and as an aid in managing pain and cardiovascular risks.

With all these health benefits of marijuana, this is indeed a great opportunity for grinder manufacturers to take advantage of diversifying their business. They can do this by trying to widen their target market and revolutionize their products.

Increased Profitability

Of course, more customers mean more sales. If accessibility to their products and convenience in purchasing the items are enhanced, profitability shall follow.

Constant Innovation

Grinder manufacturers must continuously provide the smokers the kind of pot crushers they need. Adding special features and other useful accessories to the item to keep them always excited to look for something new is a brilliant idea.

Improving the quality of each grinder should also be a priority. Remember that shredder are considered as one of the investments every smoker has. And this should live up to its sole purpose of preserving the potency of the finely ground and no spilled weeds until they're sniffed.

Devised Handy and On-the-Go Crushers

Making the grinders handy, easy to clean and durable can also add up to its saleability. Perhaps, a one-push button that will release the weeds and can conveniently be dispensed to a bowl, your vaporizer, or straight to anywhere you want it should really be cool.

Launching new products and technologies on the easy use of herbs can also be a good marketing development plan.

Wider Scope of Networks


Despite the race-based and cultural stereotyping most people in this industry are experiencing, business owners in this field still have high expectations for the cannabis trade. Some even predict that the more the industry continues to emerge, many people seem to eradicate the stigma.

“Cannapreneurs” or cannabis business people are trying to capitalize on what their industry has to offer. More partnerships and international conferences are also anticipated to skyrocket over the next few years.

Final Thoughts

Like everything in the cannabis consumer industry, grinders, as well as all other paraphernalia products, are evolving fast. Through innovative technology, it's crazy how fast the industry is generating a rich economy filled with new products, new jobs and a happy community of stoners.

If you're still blazed and still thinking about grinders, you should check out an article we wrote on the best shredders in 2018: medpot.net/product-reviews/weed-grinders

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