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How to Clean Grinders: Tips From One Stoner To Another

Given how much you smoke, sooner or later your grinder is going to slow down because residue builds up inside.

This is a real pain because the shredder no longer works effectively, but, worse still, the more residue builds up in the grinding compartment, the more new bud will stick to what’s already there. If a stoner heard news of a sticky grinder, they will tell you that this is NOT OK and this problem will continue to get worse the longer you leave it.

Some of us who don’t think carefully about the cost, often throw their crushers out and buy a new one, which is an expensive way to deal with grinding pot. Imagine how many times you would have to do this? Considering how expensive marijuana (and a vape pen) is, you want to reduce cost as much as possible. This can be easily avoided if you follow a very simple cleaning method that works quickly and effectively, but have you ever wondered how to clean a grinder?

It’s simple, free (if not, cheap), and you’re gonna learn this today. Don’t worry; we’ll give you a helping hand. This method we’re about to share is one of the most popular methods as it’s so easy and simple. The tools youll need are readily available and easy to use. Here's a little list of what you need to clean your crusher:

Aluminum Herb Shredder full of bud
  • A scraping device that is small enough to fit in between the teeth of the shredding compartment.
  • A bottle of Isopropyl alcohol
  • A container to bathe the parts in 
  • A freezer
  • Some Q tips
  • Paper towel and a hair dryer

And you’re ready to go.

Cleaning is a hassle and most of the time the thought of how to clean a grinder is the last thing on people's minds. But if you just spend a short time scraping out excess herb from the crusher, which you can also smoke and cleaning the teeth, screen and compartment properly, your grinder will work better, so you won’t strain your hands grinding a clogged up unit full of unhealthy residue.

How to Clean Grinders in 4 Simple Steps



Before you start, the first thing to do is to take apart your grinder and add the parts to the freezer for about twenty minutes. The lower temperatures harden the resinous cannabis and, as the metal crusher contracts with the cold, the two separate from each other more easily when you start scraping away at the teeth and flat surfaces. You can then collect these frozen herb pieces. Make sure you don’t let any fall to the ground and do it above some place with a flat surface.

This part is important as you are gathering fine and smaller material that you can smoke later. It’s important not to waste valuable marijuana, right? So get in there with a scraper and work it along the lengths of the teeth and on the surface between them pulling out as much of the excess as you can.

If you find the residue is still soft and doesn’t flake away from the teeth and compartment surface easily, you might want to put it back in the freezer for a short while just to be sure you’ve cooled it down enough to make it hard and flaky.​ It should be able to break off from the grinder easily.



Next, once you’ve collected all the excess material that you can to smoke later, it’s time to wash out the residual brown stains inside the grinder and also on the kief screen. No matter if you have a single chamber or four piece grinder, you should separate them into their individual pieces. You can scrape the kief screen to get excess material off, but you should be extremely careful not to damage it.

Washing Dishes In Bowl using a cloth and a scrub with 2017 bristles

At this point, you should pour enough of the isopropyl alcohol into a bowl or plastic bag so that it will cover the grinder pieces entirely. It’s important to check here, with plastic and other acrylic crushers that the alcohol doesn’t damage the material, so please check carefully. With metal, this won’t be a problem.

It’s probably best to use a plastic bag as a wash container so you can hold it closed with the shredder parts inside and shook it so that the alcohol washes through all the parts as it cleans. In a bowl, it's more effective to use a brush to make sure the alcohol gets into the grinder piece and lifts the dark stains away.



Q Tips

Once you’ve completed this first part of the major wash with the alcohol, it’s time to pick up the Q tips and get into all the nooks and crannies and make sure that you have gotten all the residue out. If this part is done well and you have a metal shredder, you should see the reflective surface of the inside of the grinding compartment come up nice and shiny



Now, the final part is to rinse away all the alcohol properly. It’s very important that you don’t leave any behind to mix in with the new batch of buds in your next grind. Gently rinse the surfaces and the kief screen with warm water and dab it dry with a paper towel. For best results and also to save time, you can give each of the different parts a short blast of hot air from a hair dryer. This final touch will always result in a shiny looking crusher.

Then you’re done. Your crusher is back together and ready to go. Looks perfect right? Take a moment to feel how smoothly it grinds your next mix and congratulate yourself on taking the time to get a clean shredder sorted. In terms of how difficult it is, it’s pretty simple with these 4 simple steps. It's hard to come up with a good excuse not to. I don't know about you guys, but I want a clean shredder that will last for years.

Here's a little video to help you get a good visual on how this process is done and make sure you’re cleaning your product correctly

Why is it Important to Know How to Clean A Crusher?

You need to clean your crusher because it will work better, but, more importantly, a dirty grinder is unhealthy. Herb matter and residue are organic and organic material is food for bacteria, mold and viruses.

Dishwasher with privacy policy sticker at the front

Mold, particularly, is a problem with herb. There are a number of molds that specifically target plant matter and which are especially dangerous to human beings. Molds are a strain of fungus, essentially and they are able to grow without sunlight in dark places because they don’t photosynthesis in the way the plants they feed on do.

Molds and other fungi also produce rhizomes, which are a root system that spreads out over the surface of plant chosen as hosts. Some varieties of rhizomes have been found to be highly carcinogenic and, while the contents of a grinder are often burnt up when your pot is smoked, why take a chance by letting these harmful nasties build up over time?

The other benefit of a clean crusher is the way it functions. Whether you’re getting high off THC for medical or recreational reasons, it’s always great to feel you’re on top of anything that requires a little-dedicated effort, so you know your smoking isn’t making you careless.

To Sum it All Up...

Tap and Soap

Just remember the next time you're cleaning your shredder, think about these 4 simple steps, so, the next time somebody asks you how to clean a grinder, you can pass on this knowledge. When it comes to marijuana culture, this information is vital and after actually trying it myself, I realized that cleaning shredder products is actually fun.

And if having a sense of control over your smoking equipment is important to you, what about making your own crusher? Or getting a premium commercial-grade crusher?

Ok, so there you have it, all the very good reasons why it's important to give your grinder a scrub. Now that you have this vital info, you might want to check out guide on what the best grinders for weed are in 2018, just in case you're in need of a quality grinder upgrade. Or check out our other posts on the site.

Otherwise, if you need help with something or trying to search (or shop) for something in particular, the team at Medpot is always here to help. Shoot us an email, social media comment, or go to our contact page.​




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